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Registered on Jul 5 06

Seward Co-op in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 6 06

rating star

The best for juices By far If you know the difference in cherries you'll love this place.
Muffins are so good that its a fight every morning to get one before they are all gone. So yes the reports are correct!!!!!
As far a vegan choices you may have seen more choices at larger venues however the distinct choices o fruit's and veggies will invigorate the creativity in eating wherever you are on your path of healthy and morally obligatory choices.
While I am not completely vegan I choose to buy "unmentionable" Items elsewhere. I find that in most cases coops don't do those items very well which is jewel, i get it.
Most importantly every one is AWESOME! If i ever do choose to reap the benefits of membership I would choose this place over some others because I am never made to feel wrong for not currently being one. ;)

The Wedge Co-op in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 6 06

rating star

Not the best choice, service is poor compared to others, staff is almost to the point of disgusted, if you you are not a member. There is a great selection of cold items; to go; but the hot items always look like slop. The Selections of juices "appears" to be worth mentioning if I had not ever gone to a Coop before. However Seward has a better sele'cion of choice juices and grab and go breakfast items (Muffin's-...). Macro-dieters wont find most of the items needed you'll have to still head to WF or an Asian Market. I'm not completely vegan i make fresh choices and in most cases I still have to run to one of the local Roundy's. Prices are higher on some items to other Coop's however I suspect this is because of the location. The primary reason for the low rating is the service ( cashiers, ...) the majority of the staff seem very angry, which is why I choose to go the extra mile+ for a smile :)