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Khyber Pass in Chicago, Illinois
May 11 08

rating star

The best Indian food I have ever had. The waiters are nice, but give you a really good amount of space and self-time. Food is very light, not oily, greasy, or too pungent. Oh, and the samosas! Everything about this place is delicious.

Open Produce in Chicago, Illinois
Oct 12 08

rating star

Open Produce is the most beautiful store I have ever stepped in. It doesn't hurt that things are pretty cheap and they have a very unique and interesting variety of produce and other goods.

The Sit Down in Chicago, Illinois
Dec 28 08

rating star

Nice, gentrified atmosphere. The last time I was there, I ordered the vegetable roll, and found it to be of awful value. It was a decent roll, but for the price, I got half of what I usually expect. For Hyde Parkers, it makes more sense to get vegetable rolls at the sushi place in Hutch.

Although the juice/smoothie selection is impressive, they are nothing to rave about.

East-West Connection in Salt Lake City, Utah
Jul 2 06

rating star

Quite a lovely place. It is beautifully decorated and the servers are prompt and courteous. The tea is also excellent. I specifically recommend the Red Sea Tofu (my comfort food; I get this almost every time I go because I just can't stray---to die for!), the Imperial Rolls (julienne of vegetables, rice noodles and tofu strings, rolled in soft rice paper and served in a rich bean sauce), and the Green Soup with Tofu. For those who eat ice cream, save room for the banana sushi! You will not regret it!

Sugarhouse Coffee in Salt Lake City, Utah
May 10 09

rating star

The atmosphere has definitely changed from the old location. It's big and kind of empty, but the food/music/drinks/workers are still the same.

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