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Green Leaves in Los Angeles, California
Jun 14 06

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My friend and I have been trying to go to new restaurants for about 3 months now but we keep getting sucked into the vortex that is Hollywood Vegan (now Green Leaves). We love this place and have sampled more then 1/2 of the menu and not once have we had a disappointing meal. All the breakfast burritos are amazing and it's hard not to order the fish wrap every time. I do have to say, and only out of love, the service can improve. However, I know a lot of the staff is still learning the ropes so I will continue to give them the benefit of the doubt. To comment on the negative review on here. The people of Hollywood Vegan really tried hard to redecorate the place. I was there the morning they were getting all their new decor and they were really proud of it. So it's not to your liking, but they worked hard for it and I appreciate what they've done. Do the world a favor and stay home and make yourself a crappy Boca Burger while watching reruns of Will and Grace with your 5 cats. I do have to say the name Green Leaves sucks ass I'm not into that hippy s*@t so to me it will always be Hollywood Vegan. Do yourself a favor dine in and enjoy. By the way we found out on our last visit you can bring wine!!!!