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Bryant Lake Bowl in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 12 06

rating star

This place definitly has options for Vegetarians and Vegans. On their menu they Vegan options such as the Pad Thai, Basmati Rice and Vegetables, and Curry Mock Duck. They also list on the menu if a Vegetarian item can be made Vegan.
They have a few options on the Breakfast Menu for Veggies. There is a Tofu dish mixed with veggies and a side of dirty rice or toast. They also have a hashbrown dish with veggies.
They also have a Veg Chili which was very good.
Overall they have good options for Vegetarians, but I feel their quality of food has gone down over the years

Camdi in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 3 07

rating star

Had Camdi check the ingredients on the 'vegan' cream cheese wontons and 'vegan' egg rolls, as usually the wrapping themselves contain eggs, and the cream cheese being dairy. Both are Vegan, the wrappings don't contain eggs, and a Tofu/soy based substitute is used as the 'cream cheese' in the wontons.

I appreciated the fact that they used separate cookware for the items on their new vegan/veg menu.

I had the Hot and Spicy Mock duck which really was more spicy than the same dish at Kihn Do or Lotus. But very good.

Chipotle in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 25 04

rating star

I hate to burst the bubble for any die hard Chipotle Fans out there, but I had spoken to someone in Chipotle who found out from there Cheese manufacturer that the cheeses used in Chipotle contain animal rennet. Burritos are still delicious without the cheese!

Dosa King in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 8 10

rating star

Just opened. All vegetarian food.
Similar menu to other south indian restaurant Nala Pak, but food quality was
better. Sambar was more flavorful, vadas more crispy. Potato filling in masala dosa was more flavorful.
Decor is a little disappointing, seems as if not updated from last pizza restaurant they took over. But if food stays consitently good, then I can overlook that part.
Management very friendly and willing to provide whatever extras are needed to bring people back.
Will definitely be back.

Dunn Bros Coffee in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 14 09

rating star

Update on desserts, they now carry Alternative Bakery vegan cookies. Also, the new rasberry danish and cherry tart is egg free.

Evergreen Chinese Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 3 04

rating star

This is the first place in the twin cities that I've seen that has "fake meat" stir fries, I'd first seen in in San Jose. I'm not a big fan of the "fake meat", but the others that were with me "non-vegetarians" turned "vegetarians" claimed that the fake pork was the best tasting, closest to real thing. Also said chicken was the least enjoyable of all the fake meats.

Galactic Pizza in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 20 06

rating star

By far the BEST pizza I have ever had.. tangy, spicy, tomato-ey.
and the garlic bread?? ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Orgasmic

Gardens of Salonica in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 15 06

rating star

I was not as impressed by this place as many reviews make it out to be. It was not much better than It's Greek to Me, Christos is next on my list to try.
I had the Vegetarian Pizza with Feta cheese, it was small and very very salty.
My partner had the Veg. Mousaka, and that also seemed very heavy with cheese and oil.
3rd was the Greek salad, which was good, but again the portion was very small, it also lacked onions, which may be a good or bad thing for some.

Ginger Hop in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 8 10

rating star

Love places that clearly mark their vegan/veg food, as ginger hop does.
Had the Yellow curry, and wonton soup. Soup was a little too sour/pungent, would probably not have it again. Yellow curry was flavorful, but mild at the same time. Was told that they had just changed the recepie on the curry in the past few weeks, so it is different than before.
Fun place to go on the weekends to meet up friends in NE Mpls, especially since
vegan is labeled and no need to spell out dietary restrictions to waitstaff over a loud atmposphere.

Good Earth in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 3 04

rating star

Wouldn't say this was the best place for vegetarians in Mpls anymore.....there are so many better places to eat out for vegans and vegetarians. Just a note for strict vegetarians: When I had last spoke to corporate office, they had claimed the cheeses they used most likely contained animal based enzymes. Maybe things have changed since then, but this was about 1 yr ago.

India Palace in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 20 11

rating star

Lunch buffet was fresh and delicious, loved the garlic naan, channa masala, and samosas. Staff was attentive, and service was fast. Worth the visit!

Little Tel-Aviv in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 25 04

rating star

Little Tel-Aviv swears by his Falafel sandwich as the best in the twin cities! Definitely worth a trip if you are middle eastern food fan. Personally thought the Tabbouli salad had too much bulgar wheat and less parsley compared to Holy Land. But the Falafel sandwhich made up for it.

P.F. Chang's China Bistro in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Feb 26 04

rating star

I enjoy this place because it's an upscale Asian place with moderate prices. The items marked vegetarian on the menu, are pure vegetarian; no eggs, no lard, chicken stock, fish sauce, etc....
Lettuce Rolls are very good with Tofu. Veggie Potstickers are great, because there are no eggs in the potsticker covering.

Rice Paper in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 3 04

rating star

I definitely agree that if this place was cheaper, I would be there much more often. I really like the food, but it's not worth the $12.95 or $13.95. But once in a while as treat to myself, I might go back.

The pomela/grapefruit appetizer was not available vegan,
so I had the Tofu Puffs which they used a different sauce for vegans, but still very crispy and peanuty sauce flavor.
I also tried the curry noodles, which lacked salt, but othewise quite interesting.

The place is VERY small, so don't plan on going with a big group of people, or during times it might be busy.

Sawatdee Bar & Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 20 06

rating star

I walked into Sawatdee confident I could find something vegetarian. Everything but EVERYTHING was made with Fish Sauce. I've been a vegetarian since I was five, and I could smell it right away when I walked in. I ordered springrolls and almost vomited when i bit into it, and even that had "essence" of fish sauce in it. ugh. I can't even imagine whats in the back of that kitchen. I woudldn't trust anything vegetarian on that menu.

Seward Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Feb 26 04

rating star

What a perfect place to have Sunday morning Brunch if you're vegetarian! I'll have to agree that the hasbrowns are very greasy,and that the tables and chairs need to be upgraded, but I guess some people like the charm of it.

I had been on a hunt for a place in the TwinCiites where you could go for Vegan pancakes that didn't make you barf, and where hasbrowns, tofu, and cheese would merge together. Well I guess I found it!
Try the fresh sqeezed organic carrot juice.

Taco Morelos in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 3 04

rating star

Very good for vegetarian, and very different tasting than your typical Chi chi's and Don Pablo's.

I talked to manager at the Richfield location, and he confirmed that the beans did not have any lard or other animal products. The cheese that they used did not contain animal enzymes(to the best of their knowledge), nor did their sauces contain animal products. (But are not necessarily vegan, but definitley do not contain eggs).

Tibet's Corner in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Feb 5 04

rating star

We tried the Fried Noodle dish which was pretty good, and the vegetable noodle soup, which I thought was a little bland. Momos were good.
Overall, I think the dishes were a little bland compared to other Tibetan restaurants I've been to in other cities. There should have been a little more flavor and spicing to it. But it's a good new place in Uptown that offers light vegan options when you don't feel like going over to Lotus or Kihn Do.

Triple Rock Social Club in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 23 04

rating star

We went there for breakfast/brunch. Seems as if they don't bring out the lunch menu until after 3pm. We had the Vegan Blueberry Pancakes, Tofu Scrambler, and Vegan French Toast. It was all very good! Infact, comparing it to Seward Cafe, the taste was more authentic tasting, and less oily than Seward Cafe. The only problem is the smoke, even for breakfast there were people smoking all around.

Spice Market Buffet in Las Vegas, Nevada
Oct 26 05

rating star

I am planning a trip to Vegas and had inquired regarding Vegetarian and Vegan food at the Spice Market Buffet. I am copying the email I received back from the Chef at the buffet:
Hello from The Spice Market Buffet, Nice to hear from you. I'd like to address
your concerns regarding your dietary restrictions on our buffet. You started
with desserts, I like it! We have several egg free desserts including Galliano
cheese cake, Peach cobbler, Cherry pie, Apple pie & Stuffed Cannoli. On our
Italian station we feature items with both our Marinara & Tomato Coulis sauces
that are free of animal product. We also have eggless pastas that we can cook
for you. We have Clam Chowder, Tomato Bisque and Minestrone soups if you're
lucky enough to hit the buffet on that featured Soup D' Jour (Chowder every
Friday). We have several vegan salads. Spicy Thai Cucumber, Bulgar Wheat, Tuscan
Tomato, Hearts of Palm with Asparagus, Mediterannean Frisse Salad and Vegetarian
Sushi Rolls. Italian vinaigrette is also animal product free. As far as our
Asian station, we can accomodate your needs with a little warning. One of our
Asian chefs can whip up some Vegan stir fry. Also, our Middle Eastern Station
features Babaghanoush, Hummus and Taboulleh which are all Vegan friendly items.
Hope this clears up any of your concerns. We're looking forward to seeing you at
Las Vegas' best buffet in the near future. Sincerely, Chef Tim Hulbert, Spice
Market Buffet