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Indian Delhi Palace in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Jul 23 07

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Vegetarian food in the restaurant is fantastic! Now for the downsides:

  • Service ranges from apathetic to abysmal. Treat your beverage like precious gold, because you ain't getting a refill anytime soon.
  • Easily over half of the food we looked at in the connected supermarket was expired. We're talking Clinton in office expired in some cases.

Desert Flour Bakery in Sedona, Arizona
Feb 4 07

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Myself and another vegetarian went here for lunch today, and based on the experience, I can say this is arguably the worst restaurant I've been in in the last several years. The service staff was friendly and prompt, but the food they served was absolutely abysmal.

Cannoli: Store-bought shells filled with whip cream on the ends. The actual center of the cannoli was completely empty. Most decidedly the worst cannoli I have ever had in my life. The waitress replaced it with a brownie.

Brownie: Hard on the top & bottom. Not crispy-good hard, but gummy-hard. Store-bought cherry pie filling mixed in didn't help too much.

Four-cheese pizza: Aaaaaaagh. I'm not sure where to start. I've had $1.99 microwave pizzas that have blown this away.

* Lilly-white under-cooked crust, so limp I suspect it was microwaved.
*Out-of-the-can sauce, and frankly I don't even think it was pizza sauce. It tasted very much like Ragu. Even it was good sauce, they still put too much of it, so every bite was full of corn-syrupy nastiness.
* Four cheeses, speckled unevenly around

Breads: We picked up a Baguette, Jalapeño bread, and walnut rosemary loaf. Their breads were the best thing we had, unfortunately that's not saying much. The baguette had a dull, plain crust, and a very tight crumb. The bottom was dimpled, betraying the fact that this bakery is not a hearth-style bakery, but more similar in fact to the bakery in a grocery store.

I also had a bite of the walnut rosemary, but even the overdone McCormick's rosemary couldn't cover up the yeasty taste. Based on those two breads, I couldn't even bring myself to try the Jalapeño.

They also offer a black bean burger which we didn't get. Like everything else, they don't make it there themselves.

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