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Peninsula in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 12 06

Went to Peninsula on the recommendation of my wife's co-worker , who is from Malaysia and recommended the food as being quite good.

Based on the reviews here, we were cautious and mentioned all the individual foods we don't eat (as opposed to saying "we're vegan") to the original person who greeted us at our table (I think he was a host). He suggested that we could eat a couple of tofu dishes and ruled out the mock duck because it is prepared with fish sauce.

When the server came, we ordered the two dishes the host had suggested and explained again to the server (at the suggestion of the host) what we did not eat. He took our order but then returned a moment later to tell us the tofu is made with egg. At that point, we thanked him and left.

Not sure how to grade this, as we didn't eat the food. The restaurant was interesting and could be nice if you're not vegan, but we literally couldn't eat anything as far as we could tell. On the plus side, they were helpful even though their information seemed to be quite inaccurate at times.