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I'm vegan
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Green in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Feb 13 07

rating star

No question. If you are Vegan, this place is awesome. When Omnivore friends want to eat out, this is THE place I take them to. I'm happy; they are happy. Super Staff, great comfort food. Lots of combinations possible with the bowls, so Green does not get boring.
Tell me: who can mess with Vegan "Cheezecake"???

Mandala Tearoom in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Jun 10 07

rating star

Went to Mandela Tearoom for the first time on a Friday around 1930h, and was surprised to find it just half full. We sat at the front of the restaurant in the pillow corner right by the large windows. After reviewing the menu I ordered :

iced coconut tea : which was wonderful!
tea crumpets: rosemary spelt foccacia toasted with spreads: organic artichoke + garlic, classic garbanzo hummus + sautéed greens, organic roasted tomato + fennel : I loved the artichoke and garlic the best which is surprising as I am a tomato freak.
04 cabernet sauvignon/ chile
curry vermicelli rice noodle bowl: noodles topped with grilled tempeh, chopped assorted organic veggies + almonds-served with a warm coconut curry sauce : this was a light dish perfect for hot weather, although I added a bit of salt
chocolate bundt cake w vanilla soylicious : very rich, awesome…

The service was great; our server took time to answer questions and was friendly and quick. No complaints here.

Nothing But Noodles in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Feb 13 07

rating star

April 6 2006: A 24th and Baseline Location is open in Phoenix.
The Asian selections are Vegan 'cept Pad Thai Noodles, (Vegan if you order it without the egg!!)
I prefer the Thai Peanut or the Spicy Japanese Noodles.
Staff very helpful and accommodating to Vegans.

Feb 13 2007: I recently inquired about the salad selection at this location; and they are more than willing to offer Tofu as a sub for any meat that is usually offered. The Lettuce wraps excluded, due to the chicken being pre-mixed in.

Persian Room in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Mar 5 07

rating star

As a Vegan I would go here for the $5.99 Albalo Polo alone.
Get the Vegetable Kebab $12.95:
Combination of bell pepper, onions, tomato, eggplant and potatoes, seasoned & skewered & broiled to perfection; served on a bed of Basmati rice
Or get the Vegetable Kebab with your choice of AWESOME rice (Zereshk Polo, Adas Polo, Baghala Polo, Albalo Polo, Sabzy Polo) for only $14.95!!
My favorite is Albalo Polo: Fresh black sour cherries mixed with fluffy Basmati rice (Be careful of the pits!)
Alas; you can take your Omnivore friends with you too!

Pesto's Gourmet Pizza in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Feb 5 07

rating star

I was at Pesto's on 02/03/07 and the food was awesome.
The Staff was friendly, and served my choices without cheese.
As a Vegan, I ate Bruschetta and the Veggi Supreme pizza.

Papaya Bay in San Bernardino, California
Jul 19 07

rating star

As a vegan I had a hard time on a layover in Ontario California. Relief came when I found Papaya Bay. I had the "Spring Rolls" (Egg Rolls minus egg) and The Peanut and Coconut Sauce topped Tofu with Veggies, then the fresh Mango and Sticky Rice. All Vegan All Delicious! It was well worth the trip out to Diners Court. Staff was very helpful and the little restaurant itself was beautiful and had a soothing ambiance. (The server was so sweet, she heard I was vegan and asked me if I could have "Coconut Milk"!!) Punk Points to Papaya Bay!

FYI: I wish there were more than 6 vegan options!!!

Cafe V: Vegetarisches Restaurant in Berlin, Germany
Jul 13 10

rating star

I am glad I ate here, the food was delicious and the server was very helpful, even though there were only three vegan choices. No fast food here, rather wholesome main dishes. Not totally veg however, as they have fish. Outdoor dining when warm.

Vegan Tip: Have the Curried Polenta

Cupcake in Berlin, Germany
Dec 13 09

rating star

CUPCAKE is Berlin's first & only cupcake shop... vegan selection is: Cupcakes, Banana Bread, as well as cake & pie... soups, baked beans on toast, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches... YUMMY!!!!

Lon Men in Berlin, Germany
Nov 18 07

It was closed down when I went by. Does anyone know if it is open again?
I gave it a call but no answer....???

Seerose in Berlin, Germany
Sep 27 08

rating star

I am vegan and had been really interested in trying this place out.
I was disappointed really.

I visited Seerose twice just to make sure it was not just a bad day. First time no help was offered with what the vegan choices could be. Second time choices were mentioned but "not available at this time". Then I was given two choices as "this and this" which I could derive for myself as some kind of grain dish, and salad. The counter server seemed irritated that I would even ask and quickly went on to another customer, ignoring me; had I wanted to try the dish. Both times I walked out hungry and frustrated, without even wanting to order even a drink.

The menu is very ambitious when mentioning "Dabei haben wir immer mindestens zwei Gerichte für vegane Gäste auf der Tageskarte" (There are at least two meal choices for vegan guests on our daily menu")

Stylistically, and not trying to be mean; Seerose looks like a tea house that I would visit with my Grandmother. Not my kind of romantic I guess.

Staff was restrained and impatient.

I do not recommend Seerose to Vegans. Vegetarians may have a better time here.

Vöner (+ Wagenburger) in Berlin, Germany
Nov 11 07

rating star

I love the Voener... Ask for the vegan version to get the dairy free sauce.

Veni Vedi Vegi in Berlin, Germany
Sep 27 08

rating star

As a vegan I think this little supermarket is great; and although there are some cheaper product options at other stores, you can find all you need in one trip here instead of hitting up 3 different places. (Bio-Laden on Skalitzer, or Kraut & Ruben on Heinrichplatz) Bonus is you are supporting a Vegan only shop.

Also at VVV, literature, fresh produce, and a small selection of "Vegetarian Shoes".

Very helpful and friendly staff.

Viasko - Bar & Restaurant in Berlin, Germany
Jul 18 10

rating star

My Tip: Brunch on the weekend!!!

Yellow Sunshine in Berlin, Germany
Sep 27 08

rating star

Location: This is a very, very popular joint in Kreuzberg, and is located right next to the famous "Wild at Heart" Rock club.

The Menu: As a vegan you're pretty much looking at a fast food joint, which is not necessarily bad, one just wishes for less fatty options. Personally I found the Seitan Burger way to dry and tasteless. But hey, the good side is I loved the "Pepperman-Cheeze" burger, and that's why I went back! Also: the "Fakin' Fish" is a huge hit with me as well as any carnivores I have lunched with while there.

Tip: Get away from the burgers and try the "Giros Plate" Which has a very convincing Greek tatziki sauce. Also: Soy Chai and Soy Coffee drinks, Blended Fruit drinks, and Bio Beer are also offered.
Sweets: The Muffins are nothing special, but on a recent visit on April 4th, 2008 they had Vegan Tiramisu.

Staff: Very friendly, Students, Alternatives, Punkers.

Atmosphere: Hippie type music (lol!), nice bright, hence "Sunshine"

Yoyo Foodworld in Berlin, Germany
Apr 28 09

rating star

At last a really great Mango Lassi. I also had the Pizza Hawaii which I am still craving. Like other fast food Vegan Eateries, don't expect to get "health food". (I cook my veggies @ home) This is pure "craveable" stuff. ALL VEGAN, so don't bother asking "What is animal free?"

Already in love with this place.

Some of the choices:
Burgers & Fries
Veggi Fries!
Lassis, Smoothies, Shakes

Cafe Berlin in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Feb 22 07

rating star

I was at Cafe Berlin for the Sunday Brunch Buffet. The spread was beautiful, and included quite a few Vegan options. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The Cafe itself looks out over the street to a large Plaza courtyard. If in San Juan, don't miss this Jewel!