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Bakers Square in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 25 06

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Bakers Square is not such a bad place for vegans if you know how to order your food, and of course if the staff will comply with your requests. I should know because I work there. As a employee and vegan I shall give you a couple of helpful hints in ordering. Always ask for them to cook your vegetables in a separate pan not on the grill. Most Bakers Squares only work off one flattop grill where of course many meats are cooked. A clean pan can assure you that no meat will touch your food. Microwaving the "Boca" patty would also be a good bet. Know that anything can be cooked without oil, but we generally do not use butter when cooking, it is grill oil. Also the pies are never made with lard and the crust is made with shortening. Hope these little bits of information will help you with your next visit to Bakers Square.