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Evolution Diet Pet Food Corporation in Internet
May 15 04

rating star

Let the buyer beware.

Herbivore in San Francisco, California
Mar 14 03

rating star

Upscale yet casual environment, consistently great food.

MaggieMudd in San Francisco, California
Sep 25 04

rating star

Incredible vegan ice cream. Fortunately it's not in my neighborhood.

Chicago Diner in Chicago, Illinois
Mar 11 03

rating star

The desserts here are excellent.

Pick Me Up Cafe in Chicago, Illinois
Mar 14 03

rating star

This is the perfect place to go with a bunch of friends after a late night show. Casual environment, vegan breakfast anytime.

Babani's in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Oct 25 02

rating star

The Kurdish bread and niskeena soup are excellent, as are the dolmas

Greenway Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 19 09

rating star

Excellent sandwiches and desserts. The best all-vegan restaurant within 500 miles.

Jasmine Deli in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 20 03

rating star

Excellent vegetarian springrolls, quite different from most others you'll find in the cities. Though it's not apparent, they'll make vegetarian versions of just about everything on their menu with mock duck.

Naviya's Thai Brasserie in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 15 11

rating star

I ate here this evening and double-checked about whether the curries could be made vegan. After checking in the kitchen, Naviya herself told me that the curries pastes all contained shrimp paste, including the massaman.

This still leaves a substantial fraction of the menu with vegan options, but it's always disappointing to go to a Thai restaurant and not be able to order curry.

Triple Rock Social Club in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 14 03

rating star

Great french fries. Very smoky late night, but tolerable in the early evenings. Can be extremely crowded on Tuesdays when they have a 2-for-1 drink special.

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