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The Cafe at Books & Books in Miami, Florida
Jul 15 12

rating star

We walked about an hour down the beach from our hotel to give this a try and it was well worth the journey. It is a sidewalk cafe style place in an upscale pedestrian shopping mall. There was no wait for a table and within five minutes we had (very welcome) ice cold water and complementary flatbread with black bean spread. After seeing the 9-inch avocados at the nearby farmers market, we had to have the chips and avocado salsa. The salsa was delicious and the chips were actual fried tortillas, not corn chips from a bag! There were about 10 vegan entree choices. We both had our eye on the Grilled Tofu Fajita Wrap, so that was a done deal. It also had the delicious avocado salsa as well as grilled onions with a couple generous slabs of tofu. On the side were both some mildly spicy corn and some fresh mixed lettuce. The latter was accompanied by a spicy mustard dressing that I thought was great (but wasn't my dining partner's taste). We both thought the dish was fantastic. Since we'd been in Miami for almost a day and hadn't had any beans and rice, the Arroz Tropical con Frijoles was our other selection. The blend of dark rices, mild Caribbean spices and 1/2 of one of the giant avocados made this different than the usual variations on this dish. Both of us found it very much to our liking. The prices were reasonable and the portion generous enough for us to take leftovers with us. A wonderful experience for us, and we're planning to get back down there early some day to try the brunch menu.

Woodlands in Orlando, Florida
Aug 8 07

rating star

Competent but not outstanding. While the inside of the samosas demonstrated a tasty blend of spices with a little more curry than usual, the crust wasn't as light and flaky as I prefer. The 2 different dosai dishes I tried were good, but the dosai itself, in both cases, was quite oily. The extensive variety, mostly vegan, brought me back a second time in the 3 nights I was in Orlando.

The Other Side Cafe in Boston, Massachusetts
May 31 10

rating star

While not exclusively vegan, everything on the menu is clearly marked. There are many choices and the portions are huge. One shared appetizer made it so neither of us could completely finish our delicious entrees. A great location in the heart of Back Bay makes this a no-brainer. Our only regret is that we didn't try this until our last night in the city. Otherwise I'm sure we would have come back more than once.

Chambers Kitchen in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 15 08

rating star

It's been a year since I came here for a work function, so I don't remember the specifics of what I had. I will echo the other reviewers in saying that the server knew the specifics of every dish on the menu and the kitchen was very accommodating. Once the hurdles were cleared, the food was outstanding. I am knocking a star down for having fewer options and the menu not being clearly marked.

Dosa King in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Aug 16 11

rating star

Although it seems like a haul from the core cities, it's worth the drive! Both times we've been to Dosa King were great experiences. The servers were knowledgeable about what was vegan and what wasn't. Every dish we've tried has been excellent, including a couple different dosas, uttapam, chana, samosas, and chili pakoras. As of Summer 2011, I'd say Dosa King is the best Indian restaurant in the Twin Cities.

Franklin Street Bakery in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 3 04

rating star

I had both the vegan pastry selections available that day, a chocolate muffin and a chocolate cupcake, and they were delicious. The other people I was with had an assortment of non-vegan items that were reportedly fantastic as well.

Gorkha Palace in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 30 10

rating star

After hearing raves from trusted friends, we finally had the opportunity to give Gorkha Palace a try this past weekend. We showed up at dinner rush with 9 people and no reservation. (If you're in a hurry, this is not recommended.) They were extremely polite, and apologized unnecessarily for not being able to seat us quickly. We waited at the bar, took advantage of their decent selection of wines and beer, and marveled at the aroma of any dish that passed us on its way from kitchen to table.

When we were seated, ordered, and started receiving our food, every one of us thought it was well worth the wait. Between us we had 3 different appetizers, 1 of the soups, and 8 different entrees. We all thought the food was wonderful. (There was much passing of dishes, so most of our group sampled at least 2 different appetizers and 3 different entrees.)

Because most restaurants of the general Asian/Indian region in our area season to the taste of the average Midwestern palate, we usually order food "Hot" until we know they aren't afraid to turn up the temperature. Gorkha Palace chefs are thankfully not shy with the spices. The dishes ordered "Hot" were, indeed, spicy, but still in perfect balance with the rest of the flavors. The only dish we thought was a little less exciting than the rest was the Tofu Aloo -- good, but not quite great. Standouts included Saag, Choley Masala, and Aaloo Bhindi. The Veggie MoMos were served with a unique and delicious sauce, and the Veggie Pakoras were surprisingly non-greasy for a deep-fried treat!

All but one of the 10 entrees in the "Vegetarian" section are clearly marked (v) for Vegan. Unfortunately the Appetizers and Soups/Salads are not marked on the menu, but upon request our server told us exactly what to avoid without needing to check with the kitchen. (Sadly, the Samosas were not vegan, nor was the Kwati soup, which I longed to try.)

Service was outstanding, especially considering that no table was empty for more than a few minutes between our arrival at 6 PM and our departure after 9 PM. Our orders were prepared as quickly as one could expect for a table of 9 that showed up unannounced during dinner rush. Water carafes were kept filled, and full dishes of rice to replace those we had consumed were brought before we had to ask. Our server offered to split our bill 5 ways, and each bill had the 20% Grand Opening discount applied without us being aware of it in advance, or asking. There was no "large group" automatic gratuity. The final touch was biodegradable take-home containers in both small and large sizes.

Anyone who is even a casual fan of Indian, Nepali, and/or Tibetan food needs to give this place a try as soon as possible.

Harry Singh's Caribbean Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 17 04

rating star

A truly spicy treat!

As of early July '04, they are "opening soon" at 26xx Nicollet according to a City Pages ad.

The Independent in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 13 05

rating star

We had heard many good things about their drink menu and happy hour specials, but were wary of the food choices. Only one item on the menu is listed as "vegetarian", but after asking a few of the usual "Does this pasta contain egg?" and "Does the curry sauce have shrimp paste or fish sauce?" questions, our very helpful and friendly waitress (who was running back and forth to the kitchen to find the answers) told us that the chef was willing and able to adapt whatever she could to be either vegan or vegetarian.

Obviously quite a few things on the menu were, by their nature, un-vegifiable, but it was a good sign that she knew the nature of our questions and made the leap on her own.

Well as it turned out, the drinks were fabulous (although at expected Uptown prices), and the mock duck curry was quite good. Not the best in town, but generously portioned, with a colorful assortment of perfectly cooked bell peppers and onions.

It won't become my first choice for veg food in Minneapolis, but it's nice to have another option in Uptown. That option being open almost as late as Little T's doesn't hurt either.

Jasmine 26 in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 23 08

rating star

At first you might not notice that the bottom of every menu page says "vegetarian friendly... just ask". They are not kidding. Most of the menu items should really read more like other places where they list the style of the dish and you pick your protein. Since the staff is largely comprised of the family that owns the restaurant, questions about the menu and modifications are handled with knowledge and friendliness.

In several visits both before and after their official grand opening, I have tried both Coconut and Tamarind Hot Pots, Vietnamese Crepe, Fresh Ginger and Yellow Bean Sauce, and the Green Curry, as well as the Salt and Pepper Tofu and Spring Roll appetizers. Without exception they were all delicious, and the Hot Pots and Curry were particularly notable dishes.

In my opinion, of the upscale Asian cuisine in Minneapolis, this is easily the best quality and value.

Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 17 05

rating star

Vegan-friendly pizza to rival Pizza Lucé! Now that the city has banned indoor smoking in pubic spaces, the one reason to avoid Suzi's is long gone. The servers are happy to help you find the animal-free food choices, and the drinks are tasty and *strong*. Atmosphere is waaay beyond kitchy. The food is so good I only wish they had more choices.

Vo's Vietnamese in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 15 13

rating star

After 2 visits in the first week, I'd say that, if anything, Francios' recipes and technique have improved over time. All the ingredients in the Spicy Mock Duck and the Tofu and Potatoes were exactly the right texture - crispy veggies, savory sauces, perfectly fried tofu, just a hint of grill on the mock duck, and so on. And if anyone knows of a place to get better spring rolls, please contact me personally, because I've eaten hundreds, if not thousands of spring rolls in my life and none compare. (And on that subject, a note for newbie vegans and non-vegans alike: When ordering spring rolls, Vo's veterans always ask for "Skaht Sauce". The regular sauce used to not be vegan. It might be now, but I doubt anyone's bothered to enquire because the secret recipe is the best spring roll sauce you've ever had.)

With a small staff, a full restaurant can mean slower service, but even when busy, the attention paid to each patron is always friendly and personal. After your 3rd or 4th visit, there's a good chance they'll know you by name, and remember your favorite dishes.

Crisp in Manhattan, New York City
May 27 10

rating star

Meh. Crisp focused too much on the looks of the place and didn't pay enough attention to the quality of the food. However, if you're in a hurry, they'll get you in and out quickly with easy-to-handle packaging to help eat your pita on the run.

There were only a few pieces of falafel in each pita, and the hummus was a little bland. The french fries looked like they'd be good, appearing to have a Belgian-style double-fried texture, with some herbs in the "crust". But they, too, were bland and the texture of the potatoes inside the outer crust was a little mealy. This could be the first time in our history that an order of fries went unfinished.

Maoz Vegetarian Restaurant in Manhattan, New York City
May 31 10

rating star

Fantastic fries, good falafel, fresh veggies, open late! This is about as good as fast food can get for us vegans!

Terri in Manhattan, New York City
May 27 10

rating star

Delicious vegan donuts!!! Very moist. If we're back in this neighborhood, we'll definitely try some of the sandwiches or wraps.

Zen Palate in Manhattan, New York City
May 27 10

rating star

I first ate here almost 9 years ago and it was high on my list when we came back to NYC. The menu clearly spells out that, unless noted, all items are vegan. Those with egg or dairy (probably less than half) are clearly marked.

We had a veggie burger and "South by Southeast", a selection of fried soy croquettes, spring rolls, and mixed beans. The veggie burger was quite different than anything one could buy at a grocery store (unlike many restaurants which are happy to slap a frozen Gardenburger on the grill). It seemed to be a hand-built combination of rice, soy, corn and other veggies with a tasty spread of chick peas. But the star was the SxSE plate. The spring rolls, while small, were delicious, as were the soy cubes which weren't nearly as greasy as deep-fried food can easily be. The beans weren't outstanding, but provided a nice, heavier counterbalance to what would otherwise have been a less-than-filling meal.