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Registered on Jan 25 06

Aux Vivres in Montréal, Quebec
Apr 3 06

rating star

Renovating and renewing their management image is done, finally. The "Macro" bowl was delicious but the smoothy I got was a Pina Colada which had banana in it. I am allergic to bananas and to my knowledge that drink has no bananas in it. A few days later I tried again and was struck by how few staff they had and how slow they were too. They didn’t seem to have a host to handle the crowds/cash. It took hours to eat and I was charged 24$ for a spelt burger, a small juice and half and order of chapatti with hummus. The tea arrived cold and we never got water refills. I’d prefer to pay 14$ max. for all that. Constructive comments from clients is key for a new restaurant to succeed. The name “Aux Vivres” should be changed since it tarnishes the image we all knew and loved.

Yuan in Montréal, Quebec
Jan 25 06

rating star

This all vegetarian restaurant easily surpasses expectations. The incredible variety, quality, and presentation of dishes are sure to keep you going back for more. I take out of own guests here to flaunt Montreal’s best (whether they are vegetarian or not, they all rave about it). Don't get me wrong, the price is right and experience could never be considered pretentious. The in house grocery is an eye opener and the friendly staff is happy to walk you through and answer questions. Try it once to get hooked.