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Rainbow Chinese Restaurant & Bar in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Oct 20 07

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I've eaten at the Rainbow numerous times over the last five years. I've always found the food to be delicious, the portions, generous and the ambiance to be lovely.

Until tonight, I did not realize that Rainbow Chinese is not the vegan-friendly or vegetarian-friendly restaurant I had thought it to be. When I arrived tonight, I informed my waiter that I am vegan. According to my waiter, there is only one dish which is pure vegetarian, as ordered right off the menu. It's the spinach-portabella mushroom dish on the vegetarian menu. I've had it before. It's delicious!!

He advised me that ALL the rest of the items, even those on the "vegetarian menu" contain fish sauce. This is where things got complex. I commented that I'd just order one of the dishes without the fish sauce. But he advised me that they cannot (and do not) actually prepare the dishes without the fish sauce, even if the waiter accepts your order that way. Hmmmm.... He mentioned that this was an issue dear to his heart and that he had discussed this issue with the owner. Unfortunately, according to my waiter, she simply does not grasp the importance pure-veg cooking to those of us who are pure vegetarian or vegan. What's the harm in a little fish sauce, eh? ; - )

However, my waiter was so sweet and helpful. He suggested a wonderful vermicelli rice-noodle dish, a dish he knew could be made without the scrambled egg or the fish sauce. I took his advice and it was delicious.

So, if you are vegan and patronize this restaurant, please be aware of this issue.

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