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Au grain de folie in Paris, France
Sep 23 10

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This is a nice little find after ambling around and climbing the hills of Montmartre. If you are in a hurry, continue on... But! if you have the time to soak up the ambience, check in with the proprietress and sit tight with your patience. We did have to wait outside the door until she was ready, but it was well worth it. If you are antsy the curvy streets nearby are filled with interesting boutiques to soak up your wait time.

The menu is a bit limited and everything might not be available, but what she prepared was pretty darn fresh. Everything is in season - take note by the farmers market fare all around her kitchen. The seating is tight! but cozy and intimate. The wine list was fantastic and she advises in detail her thoughts and suggestions (she does speak English, and does not make you feel badly if you need her to). She has a great selection of medicinal teas. The seitan and vegetable tart were super yummy. The apple crumble (a must for vegans) was my fave - straight out of the oven hot!

The experience was that of eating a home-cooked meal in your grandmother's kitchen. The decor is eclectic and the postings on the wall clue you in that this is a local spot. So, don't expect fancy, but do expect good clean fresh vegan cuisine in typically relaxed Parisian fashion. Also note there is a tiny bathroom in the back - tiny and "Parisian" in its own right. It did get busy and if you are able to plan-and call-ahead, that is probably best as the proprietress does the serving AND the cooking.