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Hard Times Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 7 05

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ok- i have to start out with the absolute confession of bias heart and head - but HTC is more than an eatery - it's a haven, a home for those that need it. i've been coming to the hard times since i was 14 and have loved it through all it's transformations, struggles, and acquittals (pun intended). not only are you in the middle of one of the few and true random and chaotic spots left in the world, but you get to eat awesome helpings of potatoes, veggies, beans and soup to go with it. Top this off with the coffee 'strong enough to defend itself' as their t-shirts once said and you have the best place in the world to spend an a hour, a day, or in my case, 13 years. get thee to the hard times fool! why art thou not there now?