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Common Roots in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Aug 9 12

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Common Roots has really lost the plot in the last two years or so. They started out as a great place to get affordable, healthy, veg-friendly food. Now, however, they've decided that they want to be all things to all people -- except, apparently, to vegans. They do have a decent selection of (expensive) vegetarian fare, although even that is dwindling.

When I went there earlier this week, aside from a kale soup, they had NO vegan options. I told the cashier I'm vegan, and ordered the walnut veggie burger. A minute or two later he came to the table and told me that the burger has milk in it. I asked what other options they have, and aside from the soup and a few salads (which I don't consider a meal) there was nothing. The kitchen did end up making me a very tasty veggie sandwich, and it's really only because of staff such as the cashier and kitchen staff that I can even give this a fair review, because they were all helpful and incredibly nice. However, the people making the decisions at Common Roots really need to step back and look at whether their new business model is going to work. They clearly want to be a coffee shop AND a fancy dinner restaurant AND a casual lunch spot, but because they're not fully focused on any of those missions, they fail in all three. It also seems like they're trying to be a French Meadow clone, but they're not doing well there, either. It's sad, because I used to truly love Common Roots, but I don't think I'll be going back there any time soon.