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I'm vegan
Registered on Sep 29 05

Emily's Lebanese Deli in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 29 05

rating star

The Baba Ganouj is killer- enough garlic to make one hallucinate.

India Palace in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 21 11

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Boooooo, India Palace.

I've gone three or four times, now, and each time have said that I'm a vegan and what I do and do not eat. This last time, my waiter told me the rice is made with butter and always has been. India Palace's rice is not vegan. The waiter was really helpful in telling me what things I could eat, but rice, guys. Rice is basic. The food is pretty delicious, so long as you don't miss the rice. Like I did.

Katar River Restaurant & Bakery in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 18 11

rating star

Tiny little place, but dang, the amount of food they give you for that (still) $8, is enormous, and they've expanded their veg offerings. I had 2 pieces of injera, collards, red lentils with berberi (sp?), yellow lentils with peppers, and a carrot/cabbage mix. I ate til I was full and still have PLENTY of food left. I'll tell you what else is on the list the next time I forget lunch!

Peninsula in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 5 07

rating star

I imagine this place is much better for non-vegans, because our waitress told me the green curry without tofu would probably be the only thing on the menu I could eat. The veggies in the curry were great, but the curry itself was watery, and hot without being flavorful.

We didn't have issues with water glasses not being filled.

The presentation was fantastic, every meal looked like a piece of art. Wish more of it was something I would eat.

Pizza Research Institute in Eugene, Oregon
Jul 18 09

rating star

Chef's choice vegan pizza ftw. I have never had pizza this amazing before. And cheap! Holy hella goodness.

Jardim das Cerejas in Lisbon, Portugal
Oct 20 13

rating star

Huge vegetarian buffet, almost entirely vegan. Lots of really fresh really good quality vegetables for salad makings, a vegan soup, a flat vegan pizza, some crazy vegan bread, some vegan dumpling things, 2 vegan rice bases, amazing seitans, fantastic tofus, great dishes that are just veggies, and they rotate them day to day (6 or 7 hot options). They also offer fresh juices.

The only things that are not vegan are one yogurt-based salad dressing (the people working will point it out to you) and the cheesecakes. Don't worry, though. If they have the vegan dessert it's WELL WORTH IT. "Cookies Cake". What is it? I do not know. It is a cube of delicious cookies and vegan cream stuff. The person working explained to me how to make it and showed me ingredients that said 100% vegetable on them but for which I have no american counterpart. If they don't have a vegan dessert, don't worry. You'll be groaning and rubbing your belly with pleasure at how much you ate during the buffet. My omnivorous mom keeps suggesting we go back there. Also, only 7.5 Euro for an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet, just a bit more for dinner.

Community Kitchen in Istanbul, Turkey
Aug 19 15

rating star

Vegan Turkish Food! And a really cute cat!

We had the stuffed dried aubergine, seitan doner, ginger lemonade, and hibiscus tea. All very good- my omnivorous fella was much pleased with the seitan, which came in a delicious tomato-oregano sauce. The beverages were delicious, and the eggplant came with a nice light salad. All very good!

Bamboo Garden in Seattle, Washington
Jul 16 09

rating star

Delicious and quiet! I had a bhuddha's basket with mushrooms, asparagus, and nuts- came in a "basket" of shoestring potatoes- the asparagus was done perfectly, the sauce was light and delicious. The green tea was loose, but flavorful, and the almond pudding was thick, sweet, and rich.

I'm definitely going back again before I leave town.

Flying Apron Bakery in Seattle, Washington
Jul 16 09

rating star

A lovely little bakery with lots of options.

The Chocolate Shoppe in Madison, Wisconsin
Oct 16 10

rating star

Nice to try a vegan ice cream in another city, but the texture of the ice cream was a little weird and slick. Good flavor selections, though.