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Sipz Cafe in San Diego County, California
Aug 18 08

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i'm vegan,

i heard a rumor a while ago that the soy chicken at sipz restaurant was not vegan, and that they refuse to let anybody read the ingredients list stating its thrown away or something i just decided to call and try to get an ingredients list, and managed to speak to a new person who read me the ingredients list for the vegan chicken she read 'separated albumin' it has egg derivatives in it I'm really upset that they'd hidden the soy chicken ingredients from customers for years, and that they fed me egg when i ordered a vegan dish. while i was on the phone with the really nice girl i heard one of the owners snap at her for reading ingredients over the phone. feeding vegans non vegan food puts them in violation of the food safety act of 1990 and the trade descriptions act of 1968 which states that information given about food must not falsely describe the food.

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