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Real Food Daily in Los Angeles, California
Apr 5 03

rating star

Joe Vegan recommends: Go frequently; take a date (or two).

This is definitely one of the nicest vegetarian restaurants I've been to. Food, service and atmosphere were all great. A perfect place to go for a nice date or to take your friends who've been letting you crash at their pad during your visit to Los Angeles. (Thanks John and Julian!!)

Boulder Co-Op Market in Boulder, Colorado
Jan 2 04

rating star

I really liked the grocery store section of the co-op a lot. If I lived in Boulder, I'm pretty sure this is where I would do almost all of my grocery shopping.

I did not like the cafe'/restaurant very much though. The food available the day I was there only included a tiny salad bar and a kind of gloppy hot food bar. If I lived in Boulder, I'm pretty sure I would protest every time anyone suggested we should eat there. (Just for easy reference, I ate there sometime in mid to late 2003...I hope they've managed to improve since then.)

Sublime in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Jan 15 04

rating star

Joe Vegan recommends: Go! Go Again!

I went to Sublime in December of 2003 and had a great time. The restaurant is very nice, the staff was friendly and knowledgeable, the food was tasty, well prepared, and nicely presented...and it's ALL VEGAN.

On top of that, you can feel good about spending your money here because all of the profits are donated to animal-related causes. Check out their website for a sample menu, a photo or two, and other good info.

I want to visit Fort Lauderdale again, just so I can go back to this restaurant!

Chicago Diner in Chicago, Illinois
Aug 27 03

rating star

Joe Vegan recommends: Give it a try if you're in the area and hungry.

August 2003. I went with a couple of my meat eating friends. They had the pasta primavera and thought it was good (once they'd spiced it up a bit). I had the fajitas--I think they were tempeh--and they were okay. I'd read raves about the cakes, so I asked about the German Chocolate. Unfortunately they were out; I had the chocolate mousse cake instead. Again, it was okay. All in all, I'd say they definitely get cheers for having such a wide selection of vegetarian fare. I just wish it was a little more exciting.

Flat Top Grill in Chicago, Illinois
Aug 27 03

rating star

Joe Vegan recommends: If you like stirfry, go go go. This is one of those places you and your non-vegetarian friends can enjoy together. Probably also a great place for dates.

August 2003. While visiting from Minneapolis with friends, I ate here twice in one weekend. The staff was friendly and helpful--both servers told me about other places to go (like Handlebar and Alice&Friends)-- and the food was great. Lunch 7.95, Dinner 12.95. Go through as many times as you like...although we could only go through twice before we were very full. If you're vegan, skip the noodles except for the rice noodles. My favorite sauce combo was several ladles of the black bean garlic sauce with almost a full mini-ladle of the chili sauce. They'll even cook your food in the wok (instead of on the big flat top surface) if you ask them to so they don't get the nonvegetarian stuff mixed in with your food.

Donuts Delite in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 5 03

rating star

Joe Vegan recommends: Go every weekend!!

As I understand it, BoSa's raised donuts are vegan-appropriate, but their cake donuts are not. They have five different varieties of raised donut (chocolate glazed, vanilla glazed, maple glazed, glazed, and sugar-covered). All five are good basic donuts (and yes I tried all five at the same time!) The coffee is nothing special, but okay. They have a cooler, but I didn't see any soy milk in it.

Falafel King in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 5 03

rating star

Joe Vegan recommends: Don't go.

I'm not going back here unless I'm starving and it's the only place open.

Jasmine Deli in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 5 03

rating star

Joe Vegan recommends: Go at your first opportunity and keep going!

I asked for a vegan version of the soup and it was good. I asked for the vegan version of their noodle salad and it was great!! I haven't gotten around to having the sandwich yet; I keep having the salad.

Pizza Nea in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 19 03

rating star

Joe Vegan recommends: Definitely try this place out. It would be a nice place for a date. Nice decor, friendly staff, nice prices, and excellent pizza.

A friend and I split the verdure pizza but we switched it to a red sauce and asked to leave off the cheese. It made a great little lunch.

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