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Manzanita Restaurant & Bakery in East Bay, California
Mar 11 07

rating star

An excellent meal at an inexpensive price, especially in the bay area. The place can be hard to find if you are looking for a sign because the sign is only viewable from 1 direction. If you watch for street addresses, you should be able to find it. You will find it well worth your time if you stop in.

Dasaprakash in Peninsula and South Bay, California
Mar 12 07

rating star

Dasaprakash is one the best Indian restaurants that I have had the pleasure of eating at. The food was fresh and well spiced. The samosa was wonderful. Unlike many samosa, the crust was crispy and fresh.

Vegetarian House in Peninsula and South Bay, California
Mar 6 07

rating star

Vegetarian House is interesting place if you cannot decide what you want. They mostly Asian inspired dishes, but they also have Italian, Indian, American and several other dishes on the menu to suit your fancy.

In addition to tasty meals, appetizers, and fresh squeezed juices they have many homemade desserts including: tiramisu, ice cream, flan, cheese cakes.

From what I understand all items area vegan, but the server will let you know about any issues when you ask.

I had the clay pot delight an mushu rolls. Very tasty.

Bamboo Market in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Jun 13 05

rating star

A must if you are in Steamboat and looking for a smoothie, some staple items to make your meals, or trail ready food.

The smoothies were extra delicious as were the fresh made sweet potato "burgers" from the deli.

La Victoire Supreme du Coeur in Paris, France
Oct 19 04

rating star

Thanks to the guide and K for adding this lovely place. The food here is fabulous, and we ate here a few times during a recent trip to Paris.

The mushroom tureen, vegetarian chicken and desserts are definitely worth a stop if you are in town. Not to mention the great fresh squeezed juices like orange, carrot, lemon and drink of the day.

The staff is helpful
They have English menus
The vegan items are clearly marked on the menu

R Thomas Deluxe Grill in Atlanta, Georgia
Sep 19 04

rating star

With a great eclectic atmosphere, R Thomas is a fantastic place to have a great meal. Open 24 hours you can go day or night, vegan/vegetarian/raw and other food choices are available. Worth a trip every time you goto Atlanta. We could be so lucky to have a place like in our towns.

Max Pett in Munich, Germany
Jan 4 15

rating star

The food was amazing! It was great to find a such vegan food and with a German flair.

Blossoming Lotus in Kaua'i, Hawaii
Aug 1 06

rating star

Food was great. We had several items from there and they were all excellent.

Down to Earth in Dublin, Ireland
Jun 18 06

rating star

This was a great find and would have been better if our hotel had fridge. They had lots items to select from for cooking and on the go needs. We took advantage to the vegan carob and chocolate candy bars they had.

Juice in Dublin, Ireland
Jun 13 06

rating star

The fresh juice was tasty. The entrees and appetizers were tasty fresh and filling. A great surprise since most travel guide books indicate the veg* food is hard to near impossible to find in Ireland.

Marks and Spencer in Dublin, Ireland
Jun 2 08

rating star

We enjoyed a number of great items from M&S. They had nice selection deli items that we enjoyed in a near by park. They also had a nice selection of reasonably priced fresh squeezed juice prepackaged for on the go enjoyment.

After having found this company useful in London, I was glad to see them in Dublin as well. Many guide books mention that veg* food is hard to find in Ireland, but we had no trouble. Even in the smaller towns outside of Dublin.

The Elephant Walk in Boston, Massachusetts
Jun 1 08

rating star

My wife and I ate here a few weeks ago. The appetizers were amazing and quite filling. The avocado citrus soup stands out as the best. I found that the main course was only OK in comparison, and fortunately I was already full from the awesome appetizers. My wife found that the main meal was tasty.

T.J. Scallywaggles in Boston, Massachusetts
Jun 1 08

rating star

We really enjoyed a couple of excellent veg Parmesan subs and sweet potato fries.

Veggie Planet in Boston, Massachusetts
Jun 1 08

rating star

I agree with sarah. The pizza is marginal. We also ordered a noodle dish that really pretty bad. The sauce tasted too vinegary for our tastes.

Whistling Bird Cafe & Bar in Iron Range, Minnesota
Jan 25 09

rating star

A good place to find after a day on the slopes. I enjoyed the Rasta Pasta which was tasty and filling.

Brasa in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 4 15

rating star

I've gone there a handful of times and found the quality of the veg food to be hit or miss. Sometimes it is amazing and other times it is quite dry and lacking. I give it a middle of the road rating since that's the average of what I've had.

Chambers Kitchen in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 6 09

rating star

Chambers recently changed chef from Jean Georges to the crew at D'Amico's. All of the previous menu items that previous reviews raved about are gone. In comes a whole new menu and little seems veg friendly. I called about reservations recently and asked about veg items. The person on the phone was helpful and had worked there for sometime, but was not able to recommend decent vegan choices. He said many of things had chicken stock and other ingredients in base dishes that made if difficult to improvise a decent meal. As such we chose to make reservations and dine else where.

E Noodle Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 28 07

rating star

E noodle is one of our favorite places in the Saint Paul area. We eat there on every trip back to the area. The vegetarian fish and tofu tenders are great. With so many choices, find the sauce and protein you enjoy to get the best meal.

Heartland in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Feb 16 05

rating star

My girl friend took me here for my birthday, and the food was great. She called ahead of time and let them know that we are vegans. From this information they created a vegan version of their tasting menu for us. This place is definitely worth visiting for a special time or just because you feel like it.

Jasmine Deli in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 1 05

rating star

Great food at a great price. The server was very helpful in helping us to select a tasty vegan meal that we enjoyed.

Muddy Paws Cheesecake in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Feb 16 05

rating star

A great place to get a quick vegan sugar fix. We tried the mango passion fruit and lemon raspberry cheesecakes. Both had excellent tastes and distinctive textures. The lemon raspberry had a lovely creamy texture, while the mango passion fruit had a firm solid texture.

A little richly flavored for a weekly visit, but a great place to stop for special occasions.

Royal Orchid in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 16 06

rating star

I have enjoyed eating here in the past, but today's lunch was terrible. They have lunch specials and none of them are vegan, so I ordered off the regular menu. I ordered the Pad Thai with tofu and with out egg. After eating part of my meal, I noticed that I was chewing on small piece of chicken. Looking through my plate more, I noticed that there were a lot of small chicken pieces buried in the noodles. I suspect that they just took the premade lunch item, removed the large pieces of chicken and egg and added the tofu.

Ish!!! to say the least.

Eternity Vegetarian Deli in Saint Louis, Missouri
Feb 10 07

rating star

Very tasty vegan soul food. I enjoyed my BBQ sandwich and collard greens so much that I got the cheese steak sandwich and blue berry cheese cake to go for dinner. Definitely worth the 5 mile walk in 20 degree weather I made to eat there.

As they let me know, all items on the menu are vegan. They also have fresh made juices, but I do not try them.

Check it out!

Better Burger - Midtown West in Manhattan, New York City
May 26 09

rating star

Enjoy New York the way it was meant to be, order the Jumbo Soy Dog New York style. Top it off with one the refreshing fruit drinks and call it a meal.

Candle 79 in Manhattan, New York City
May 26 09

rating star

For the price Candle 79 is not worth it.

The pro: The chocolate and vanilla shakes were fantastic.

The con: The meals we ordered were bad. The tofu tempura had a batter that would have been suited for a mini donut and the sweet sauce with it was not a good match. My wife dish was rather bland as well.

Candle Cafe in Manhattan, New York City
May 26 09

rating star

I really enjoyed my visit to Candle Cafe. It was one of the best meals we enjoyed while visiting New York and we tried many of the recommended vegetarian hotspots.

Vegetarian Dim Sum House in Manhattan, New York City
May 26 09

rating star

Great food at a great price. We enjoyed many great meals in NYC, but few could compare to the taste and value of the meals served here. Order wisely and you won't be let down.

Horizons in Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania
Feb 14 08

rating star

Horizons has excellent food. I had the BBQ seitan for an appetizer which was delicious. The herb garbanzo crusted tempeh was delightful. The creme brulee was wonderful way to end the meal.

Morena in North Coast, Puerto Rico
Nov 1 07

rating star

I have eaten here several times and found food from a 5 to 9. On average about a 7. Some items on the menu can be made vegetarian or vegan upon request. The best results can be had by calling ahead of time and letting them know about your diet needs.

Zen Garden in North Coast, Puerto Rico
Jan 13 07

rating star

We have been told that Zen Garden was one of the places to go when the Hyatt was in full swing. Since then it must have taken dip.

The food was good and there was a good selection selection vegan items including appetizers and main courses.

Unfortunately the place has a slight smell of mold and a few of our plates and silverware were dirty. Cleanliness did not seem to be job one. If they improved these items it would have been much nicer.

Bangkok & Bombay in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Sep 30 07

rating star

The best Indian and Thai food I have tried in Puerto Rico.

We have tried several of the curry dishes and found them to be good. There are also local surprises to be found in the dishes. One time we masaman curry and found chunks of avocado in there. It made the dish unique.

Cafe Berlin in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Dec 17 06

rating star

We were greatly surprised to find such a great place to eat in San Juan. Most people had told us the veg* dining would be tough on the island.

Cafe Berlin had fantastic food at a reasonable price for a downtown area.

I had the creole tofu dish and my fiance had the a fake steak item. Both items were very tasty with nice textures and flavorful sauces.

We will definitely be going back.

Pure and Natural in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Jul 12 08

rating star

Pure and Natural was an excellent find on our last day in Puerto Rico recommended to us by the concierge at the hotel.

We enjoyed tasty fresh squeezed juices with our meals. I had an excellent falafel pita with hummus. The falafel had a crispy shell and moist inside. The pita was flavorful and very fresh.

For desert we enjoyed a refreshing banana soy milk smoothie.

A definate must if you are in the San Juan area.

Maravilla in West Coast, Puerto Rico
Jul 12 08

rating star

Maravilla is an excellent place to visit. We stayed there 2 times while the Puerto Rico. The food and location are amazing. We enjoyed hiking around the peaceful valley and just hanging out at the cabin. Margo and Mark were friendly and accommodating and wonderful hosts.

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