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Good Karma Vegan House in Peninsula and South Bay, California
Feb 5 06

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In the beginning of my veganism in San Jose i went to this shop about 4 times a week. If you have not tried there Italian tofu i highly suggest it along with the tofu meatball. I also enjoyed the mung bean pies. She will warm it for you if you like. It gives it a warm honey like taste. I have found recently that good karma uses white table sugar in their food, I don't eat refined sugar anymore. So if you are like me then she will at times either steam tofu for you or fry some for you. Also the steamed veggies are great as well as the mash potatoes. The rest of the food has sugar as i found do most of the vegan Chinese places Ive ever been to. I really love this place it has a warm spot in my heart. I highly recommend it to everyone. When i was really poor she would on occasion let me eat for free that day allowing me to pay her back when i had the money.