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Mercat a la Planxa in Chicago, Illinois
Nov 2 18

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I came here for a work-related dinner which I did not have to pay for so I cannot attest to the cost of the meal. To judge by the location in the beautiful south loop, interior design that is sleek but also cozy, and great quality of flavor, freshness, and presentation it seems pricey but worth it!

I was part of a huge party of 14 people. They had set a special recommended menu for all of us for the cooks to be able to accommodate all of us and the head of our party agreed to this before the rest of us arrived. Being vegan, this is my nightmare to hear that there is a set menu at a non-vegan restaurant and I figured I’d be going home hungry. The server came around to our table asked if there were any allergies or dietary restrictions. I told her I was vegan. She had the look of wheels turning in her head like she was trying to think of options for me and said that she would go talk to the chef.

They start to bring out the first few rounds of tapas and of course I was anxious. Some were already veg friendly, some they were kind enough to remove the cheese for me on a serving on my own little plate. That alone was a relief to me. They completely replaced the meaty tapas with other dishes like date roasted mushrooms, asparagus with almond crumble, sautéed spinach. I even got a scoop of sorbet for dessert instead of what was served to the others. Overall this place was so so accommodating to me and everything tasted incredible. Great service and atmosphere. I’m very pleased and would go back for sure!