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Soul Vegetarian East in Chicago, Illinois
Aug 13 05

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I've been going to Soul veg for over 6 years and as far as I'm concerned, it's been 6 years of second chances with that place. The food's pretty good, although not "healthy" by any means as everything's deep fried, which results in the sick feeling I'm sure anyone who's eaten there understands. Nine times out of ten the service is horrible, items are forgotten, food comes out all out of order- three people in the party have completely finished their meals just as someone else in the party's salad comes out. There's no excuse for that- especially not with the recent price jumps. Dinner will now run you about $15. For that kind of money I expect my salad to come out before my sandwich and I expect my water glass refilled at least once. No thanks, 6 years of disappointment's enough for me.