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Panda Veg in Richmond, Virginia
Aug 7 05

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Me and my vegan boy stumbled into this cute restaurant semi-by-accident while wondering around looking for a hooka bar, and we were absolutely floored to find (esp by accident!!) a not only vegetarian, but VEGAN restaurant!!! We had no idea about this place, but in the weeks since finding this quiet little slice of vegan heaven, have made it our favorite stop while visiting the Broad St/Carytown part of town, and a few times have even come from all the way down at my friends house in Doswell (near KD) just to catch the weekend buffet. It's a wonderful, peaceful little spot that is not even advertised as vegan or veggie, and a place anyone can take even non-veggies to, and they wouldnt notice the difference (except theyd be wondering why their vegan friends were eating the same thing they are!)Absolutely a must-visit place for anyone, esp Richmond vegans looking for quick, cheap, no-hassle-or-frills little meals, or big buffets, while hanging around Broad Street!!!