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WaterCourse Foods in Denver, Colorado
Nov 6 11

rating star

Delicious breaded fried seitan with mashed potatoes, green beans and gravy. Really tasty. I will have to go again next time I visit Denver.

Bob's Your Uncle Pizza Cafe in Iowa City, Iowa
Mar 31 05

rating star

The pizza is ok. Most everything else was bland and blah. Avoid the artichoke dip - it's very runny. The bread is white, and not in a good way. A sourdough and cheddar grilled cheese was mostly flavorless.

Virtually nothing on the menu is vegan.

Devotay in Iowa City, Iowa
Jul 28 06

rating star

Great tapas with many vegetarian options. Only a few things on the menu are vegan. Lots of cheese and wine. We really enjoy the roasted portobello mushroom and patatas bravas. The poached pear desert is heavenly.

The vegetarian paella entree wasn't very good, but it's been several years since we tried it.

This is one of our favorite restaurants in Iowa City.

Fair Grounds in Iowa City, Iowa
Jan 14 07

rating star

Great food, good coffee and nice people. I love it and so does my daughter. Almost everything on the menu can be prepared vegan. The cookies are divine, the waffles scrumptious and the tempeh Reuben was delicious. This is my new favorite coffee shop in Iowa City. They will bake your traditional family recipe and adjust it to be vegetarian, vegan or sans allergy-inducing ingredients. Highly recommended.

Lou Henri's in Iowa City, Iowa
Jul 28 06

rating star

A good place to eat with a nice selection of vegetarian items and a few vegan things as well. I really like the tempeh Reuben. Good bread. Friendly people.

Masala in Iowa City, Iowa
Jun 15 04

rating star

Good daily lunch buffet for under $10, reasonably priced dinners.

Panchero's in Iowa City, Iowa
Aug 30 03

rating star

Limited selection. Made-to-order tortillas are pretty good, but once you've had the grilled vegetables on one item, you've had them on all the items.

The Red Avocado in Iowa City, Iowa
Jul 28 06

rating star

Great food in a friendly atmosphere. Truly a treasure of Iowa City. Try their fresh juices, you won't be disappointed. We really enjoy the holiday brunches.

Thai Flavors in Iowa City, Iowa
Jul 15 06

rating star

2006 update. A friend really wanted to take us to dinner here.

As before, the food was sub-par. Great people, lousy food. We really wanted to like this restaurant. They're community activists of the highest caliber. Unfortunately, the food is really bad. We ate there three times and every time we were disappointed. The last time (carry out) we threw away the food and cooked. The words "greasy" and "Thai food" should never come together. Too many white onions, not enough vegetables.

The Wedge in Iowa City, Iowa
Aug 30 03

rating star

Really great pizza. Six sauces, lots of fresh ingredients. Rice and soy cheese available (contains casein). Ever thought of trying pistachios on pizza? Try the Nutcracker.

Brass Tacks Sandwiches in Portland, Oregon
Mar 15 13

rating star

Great faux-meats, delicious vegan sandwiches, and spicy pickles. I love that most of their food is local and organic, and they make everything except the bread in-house (and they tell you which local bakers supply the bread). This place is a great neighborhood sandwich shop and is highly recommended.

Chez Dodo in Portland, Oregon
Mar 15 13

rating star

Really delicious food, just bursting with flavor. About half the menu is vegan and the chef is happy to answer questions about ingredients, preparation, Mauritania, or nearly anything you want to ask - he's a really nice guy.

Food Fight! in Portland, Oregon
Feb 10 09

rating star

Great selection, I just wish it was closer to my house.

Hungry Tiger Too in Portland, Oregon
Nov 1 09

rating star

Rating based on morning breakfast only. Good but slightly over-spicy scramble with not too much tofu. Great cornbread biscuit with mushroom gravy. The food was drenched in herb-y goodness.

Separate vegan menu is a plus. Smoking isn't a problem now that Oregon doesn't allow it inside.

Nhut Quang Vegan Restaurant in Portland, Oregon
Nov 15 08

rating star

Darn good food. Too bad it's so far from my house. Recommended.

Most of the food is too spicy for kids, but they'll adjust on request.

Potato Champion in Portland, Oregon
Feb 10 09

rating star

Good fries, great sauces.

Todbot's Triangles in Portland, Oregon
Jul 28 09

rating star

I had the tempeh and shitake triangle. Tasty with a bit of zing. About half the menu is vegetarian or vegan.

Todbot's Triangles can also be found at the OHSU Farmers Market on Tuesday lunchtime.

Vege Thai in Portland, Oregon
Jan 16 12

rating star

This is my daughter's favorite restaurant in Portland.

Decent, but not great, curry.

Tremendously friendly staff open to special orders.

Editing my review, as their quality and service have gotten very spotty recently. "Spicy" can mean "hardly any spice" one day, and the next day it means "inedibly hot." Service and food quality vary drastically depending on who is working. Unfortunately, I can no longer recommend Vege Thai.

Wolf & Bear's in Portland, Oregon
Nov 28 09

rating star

Holy smokes, this is great Mediterranean food. I highly recommend the vegan sabich. Everything I've had has been super top notch.

Blackbird Pizzeria in Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania
Nov 4 13

rating star

Great Cubano sandwich, nice neighborhood pizza joint atmosphere. Too much cream in the potato salad and too much salad for one person.

Nice to see them using compostable dinnerware and composting - didn't see that anywhere else on my visit.

I'll eat here again next time I'm in Philadelphia.

Sunlight Cafe in Seattle, Washington
Oct 1 10

rating star

Reputedly the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Seattle. Very nice people, great comfort food. I really enjoyed the lemon tahini salad dressing. Will have to try the waffles next visit, which were highly recommended by a friend.

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