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Vegan House in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Apr 10 15

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So my wife and I (Vegans) were sent pictures of this place while at work today by my mother and sister (omnivorous creatures) who both work downtown. With no idea of what type of food the Vegan House offers, the two of us met up and headed over to try it out. A new vegan restaurant, not much can be more exciting living in a busy city with limited vegan options. As we walk in we are greeted with a small room full of tables crammed together with menus sparingly placed about. With no one to welcome us in or direct us on how the restaurant works we sheepishly walked up to the register in the back of the room. A woman comes from the back and asks if it's for two, we agree, and she points to a table. We sit down where there's only one menu, and I wait patiently for her to bring me another. She doesn't. So I grab one from another table and start to read. The lady comes over with 2 waters with lemon in them already, and asks us what we want to order in less than 5 minutes of us sitting down. We explain we aren't quite ready yet so she goes back into the kitchen. The prices on the dishes are pretty steep, generally what you'd pay for dinner size portions at a decent restaurant. First we order an appetizer. Fried sweet potato and taro with tangy peanut sauce. $8. We were eventually greeted with 4 slices of sweet potato and 4 slices of taro. About a third or less of a whole potato. The tangy sauce was sweet and sour with a spoonful of peanut butter in it, unmixed. It also came with a pinch of store bought salad mix. Our main dishes cost $10 each. I ordered a hot (warm) soy chicken sandwich and the Mrs ordered noodles with peanut sauce. My dish came out first. On my plate was a hand full of fries, more salad mix, and a soggy sandwhich with warm tofu chicken, also possibly storebought. My 5 year old nephew could probably put together a better sandwhich for cheaper. After a few minutes the other dish arrived. It was definitely a better portion size for $10. However, the sauce was lackluster. It was a mix of red curry powder, peanut butter, and coconutmilk. Very bland. I would have ordered one of the deserts, but she came over with the receipt once we were finished and did not give me the opportunity to ask. Overall, if you want great Thai food, go 3 doors down to Thai Basil.