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Govinda's in Los Angeles, California
Jul 10 05

rating star

Pretty decent food, maybe a little too spicy, but filling and probably the best I had on this trip to LA. More of a canteen than a restaurant and maybe some of the food wasn't too fresh on the day I visited, but the smiling service and an interesting group of fellow diners (including numbers of full-on Hare Krishna followers who were, on my visit, planning a web site - pretty cool!) went some of the way to make up for it.
The real joys of this place come from the ethnic shop - conveniently located upstairs, and the adjacent Krishna temple - which is worth a visit (if the whole thing isn't too scary for you).
The location of this restaurant - Culver City - is pretty neat too: a real cowboy-style town.
On arrival we accidently wandered into the local Masons Hall (Govindas is down the little street to the left of the Krishna sign board) - but the chap we met there was very helpful and a real nice guy; he's worth a hello if you have time.

Candle 79 in Manhattan, New York City
Jun 19 05

rating star

Possibly the best western style vegetarian place in New York, the seitan and snow pea starters were to die for. A less adventurous choice for main course (pasta) was still pretty good but I kind of wish I had gone for something more unusual.
Upmarket but friendly staff. A little too expensive for regular dining but a great place for a special occasion.

Sanctuary in Manhattan, New York City
Jun 19 05

rating star

An amazingly cultural location, great atmosphere, friendly and interesting staff all go to to enhance the decent food on offer in this Hare Krishna restaurant. A buffet style affair with a set range of dishes on each day, 'specials' if there's something to celebrate (rice pudding on the day I visited), and regular favorites (a local was disappointed that lentil soup was not on the menu that day).
My favorite place in New York!

Teany in Manhattan, New York City
Jun 19 05

rating star

Modern, if slightly worn, décor livens up this very small café. Good selection of standard vegetarian fare and a huge selection of teas (hence the name I guess). I enjoyed the chicken flavour tofu on toast and the fruit shake. The great atmosphere was the real winner for me; the other patrons were having a good time (even if they were spilling out into the street) and the staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful.
The takeaway version next door is good option if you have to wait for a table in Teany.
This is the kind of place I would visit again and again.

Vatan in Manhattan, New York City
Jun 19 05

rating star

Very close to home cooked Gujarati* food and the best restaurant of it's kind I have visited outside of India. London has nothing to compare.
Starters can be a little too spicy but you can request milder versions of subsequent courses.
"Traditional" couch seating is fun but normal chair like tables are available and a recommended option.
The staff are efficient but reserved and this could be improved upon.
The local area is buzzing with Indian stores and worth a look after your meal.
* a region of India