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Cahaba Clubs Herbal Outpost sits nestled on a 10 acre parcel in Odessa, Florida, just northwest of downtown Tampa. Surrounded by large oaks, cypress and a fish pond, you can hear the birds chirping and the steady hum of the greenhouse fans. Breathe deeply, and you can smell the fresh scent of micro-greens floating through the air. Marvin began his hydroponic growing operation in this serene setting in 2000. Eleven years later, with support of family, friends and great employees, Marvin continues to grow in the hydroponic farming business.

Marvin is all about Micros! Cahaba sells the freshest hydroponic micro-greens, micro-herbs, micro-vegetables, exotic tiny greens, tiny lettuces and a variety of pea shoots. Our products are harvested daily on a cut to order basis and shipped nationwide. Chefs use Cahaba products as not only a garnish, but as a unique and flavorful condiment to their signature dishes.

All of our products are grown using practical hydroponics. There are several benefits in growing hydroponics. They us substantially less water than typical growers. All of our products receive nutrient rich water delivered directly to the root via micro-drip irrigation. The water is then recycled through the nutrient tank, tested and re-used to water the plants. In addition, hydroponic farming yields 10-20 times more product per acre than field production. We are also able to grow superior products year-round in the environmentally controlled greenhouses, protecting the greens from outside elements. All of these steps contribute to making our products exceptional in quality, taste and shelf life.

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