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Delicious, cultured, small batch vegan cheeses. It's really good, and unlike anything you will find in a store. I have been making vegan cheese for the last few years. I've always loved dairy cheese, and I still do, however, I cannot deny certain factors that go into its production. I take issue with the treatment of animals used for dairy products, their ultimate demise, as well as the plethora of antibiotics, hormones, and various other questionable substances that end up in dairy products, including cheese. My goal is to make vegan cheese that is not just "good to be vegan", but just GOOD period! I think vegans deserve great artisanal cheeses that are just as delicious as the dairy stuff, but without all the side effects of consuming dairy, or contributing to the use and abuse of animals. We are in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen in Nashville and are working in getting into retail locations around town. We also ship via USPS 2 day priority across the U.S. You can check out our website & blog for menu items, and place orders via our email address listed here.

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