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Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers in Los Angeles, California
Dec 4 06

I called them up to find out if the veggie burgers are vegan and they said they are not.

Damiano's Mr. Pizza in Los Angeles, California
Jul 8 07

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This is the only "1" I've ever given in a review. This is one of the dirtiest places I've ever eaten at. The lights are super dim, even in the daytime for a good reason. I've seen (and ignored) little crawlers here because the food is good. Unfortunately it is disgustingly filthy and infested. The point is, if you're drunk and it's late at night and you don't care about nasties, this place could just be for you!

Garden Wok in Los Angeles, California
Aug 10 05

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I feel really lucky to have eaten at Garden Wok. Although it is in Tarzana and I wish it were a little closer to the Westside, still it is worth the drive. A delicious appetizer we started out with was the won-tons with a hot chili sauce and had them boiled instead of fried. Our soup was the hot and sour and was traditional and good. Next we shared the "chicken" cashews which had a delectable brown sauce and fresh (not overcooked) veggies. My favorite was the Szechuan fake pork dish.
Highly recommended! The pictures are from our meal and yes, it was that good. If you've been missing some good (mostly) Vegan Chinese food in the Los Angeles area, this is it.

Real Food Daily in Los Angeles, California
Aug 10 05

rating star

RFD Santa Monica has the best Vegan sandwich available bar none - The Club with Avocado. The bread is perfectly toasted, the seitan and Bacon are some of the best ingredients ever. Just look at that picture!

Stone Fire Pizza Co in Los Angeles, California
Aug 6 07

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Pretty good, especially if you like thin crust pizza. Still, remembering my excellent Brooklyn pizza from my younger days, I long for a bready crusted base with a delicious marinara sauce and perfectly sizzing mozzarella cheese topped with oregano and garlic salt. The holy grail of pizza rests on those 3 ingredients (bread, sauce, cheese). You won't find that here, but as an LA Vegan I appreciate that they try and do deliver a nice thin crusted pizza from a wood burning oven! Extra points because I can go there with my non-vegan friends and enjoy and they have a 1/2 price happy hour on all food and drink. Who thought up this place? Someone who obviously has a brain and some vegan friends.
Since I'm usually with a bunch of people and they serve pies, I tend to get the "Vegan" pie and also tend to design my own frankenvegan pie. They'll indulge you if you ask. Service is great, kitchen seems clean, music tends towards the crackin' pop 70's and it;s got a great atmosphere with contrasting textures of various brick, wood and stones.
I know the day is coming when vegan cheese will match real cheese and all Vegans will rejoice (place your bets on the penultimate vegan cheesemaker - Dave from Madeline's Bistro in Tarzana)

Vegetarian House in Portland, Oregon
Aug 10 05

rating star

Wow! We made a stop here as recommended by other Portland Vegans and were not disappointed. Although it seemed it was in a shady area, the food was superb. Check out the pictures (delicious won ton soup, nuchicken nuggets over broccoli and the spring rolls) - they tell the story. Good Chinese food that's vegan. I'm game. The spring rolls were a bit generic but good. The main courses were excellent. I only wish we had more time in Portland to try more items on the menu. You guys are lucky.

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