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Native Foods in Orange County, California
Jun 4 05

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SO GOOD. Not necessarily healthy, but all vegan. I love their sandwiches. Their tempeh is just outrageous. I must warn you about their bowls. Sometimes they just don't taste good. I must advise you NOT to get the macrobiotic bowl. Also, always ask for your salad dressing on the side or else they will drown the lettuce in it. They have also over charred my boyfriend's veggies in one of the bowls he got.

Other than that, it's a regular restaurant in our rotation and I recommend a visit.

Sidney's Cafe in Orange County, California
Jun 4 05

I am SO happy that there is finally somewhere for vegans to eat in my hometown. I still have not eaten a meal there because I only learned about it, only muffins and cookies, but tomorrow morning I am going there to dive into their coconut pancakes with soy sausage, and maybe my boyfriend will get the tofu scramble. Can you believe it? A tofu scramble! Here in Fullerton! This is like, hot wing country.

They also have tempeh and tofu sandwiches. I'm really excited. I'll rate the restaurant after I eat more of the food.

Wheel of Life in Orange County, California
Jun 4 05

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This place is pretty good. My favorite is the Pad Thai, it's absolutely delicious. However, we have been there many times in hopes to find something else to order regularly besides the pad thai, and it has been really hard. We've ordered many "so-so" things. For example, the green curry had WAY too much coconut milk in it. Also, their soup had an off taste.

I must compliment them on their fake meat... VERY good. It tastes extremely close to chicken.

You know, we haven't gone there for awhile, and none of us have suggested it lately. There are other places we would rather go.