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Fast and Furless Vegan Emporium in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 5 05

rating star

They have a really nice supply of vegan hand creams and lip balms (pretty hard to find elsewhere in the Twin Cities). They also carry Sunflour Baking Company Cookies (yum!). The rest of their merchandise, however, is very expensive (shoes and handbags), though they did say that they will be displaying more (hopefully cheaper gift items)soon.

Hard Times Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 7 05

rating star

If you can deal with the fact that the place is dirty and the staff rude, the food is actually pretty darn good.

Pizza Luce in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 9 05

rating star

Luce's soy cheese is vegan now! They have a fairly new menu, and they have several yummy appetizers that can be made vegan (not just the vegan cheese bread anymore)! Try the greek olive tapenade (specify for it to be made vegan), and you will just die from delight!

The Wedge Co-op in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Aug 8 05

rating star

While I deplore the fact that The Wedge does not carry Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese (or if they do they keep it well hidden), I am always thrilled with the selection of vegan baked goods in the bakery section. I recently tried the vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, and it tasted exactly like how I remember the homemade animal-ingredient cookies from my childhood tasting: Crisp around the edges, chewy on the inside, and not too soft. Their baked goods are WAY better than French Meadow's, whose vegan cookies are always a bit too dense, soft, and flavorless for my taste-buds.

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