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Xinh Xinh Cafe in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
Mar 8 13

rating star

This place is really good. Staff is very friendly and are very aware of Vegan needs. The menu has a vegan section that list about ten items. I definitely recommend this place and will come back again.

Naturally Yours Grocery in Peoria, Illinois
Mar 20 13

rating star

This place is awesome! They have a ton of Vegan friendly food, snacks, microwave dinner, cookies, chocolate bars and so on. The smoothies are very delicious and the staff is very helpful and friendly. I bought a ton of items for my road trip back home. Open a store in Chicago! :)

One World Eats and Drinks in Peoria, Illinois
Mar 7 13

rating star

Please be aware that this restaurant is NOT vegan friendly. I ate there on 3/6/13. The pizza with "soy cheese" option has casein. Veggie burger is vegetarian but not Vegan made by Morning Star. Fries are cooked in the same oil and frying vat where they cooked their fried chicken fingers. Noodles are egg noodles. The waitress that served me was very patient and she tried to help me find a vegan option by constantly asking the kitchen staff. At the end, I had to settle for a salad with herb tofu because there were no other options.

Little Saigon in Springfield, Illinois
Mar 7 13

rating star

Traditional oriental food. What is great about this place is that they are flexible with the engredients to accomodate vegan diet. I had the fried tofu to start and pad thai for entree, no eggs and no fish sauce. The noodles are rice noodles. Wait staff could be a bit more effficient. My dinner total was $13, very inexpensive place good for budget.

Nonna Lisa's Italian Ristorante in Mackinaw City, Michigan
Aug 14 13

rating star

I went here on Friday, Aug 9, 2013. I told the waiter that I was vegan. He knew exactly what to do and knew that it was challenging to find a vegan meal in their neck of the woods. I ordered the "classic spaghetti" with marinara sauce, mushrooms and artichokes. He told me that he will make sure that they use the wheat pasta for my order so it will not have any eggs. When my order came out, he also included the fresh made breadstick but made sure they did not put butter and it was deep fried on a fresher canola oil. The food was excellent and very generous!

If you're really sensitive about stuff animals (I'm talking about hunting here), please do not go here because they have it everywhere inside the restaurant as a decoration.