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I'm vegan
Registered on Mar 3 13

Edge of the Woods in New Haven Area, Connecticut
Mar 3 13

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As a vegan who has a major sweet tooth to see rows of marked vegan desserts was really great,not to mention they were excellent, they also have marked hot food. On top of that they have a great selection of vegan and vegetarian food such as vegan jerky and on the top floor they had a whole selection of supplements and other nutrition things. Amazing store, i would say one of the best in Connecticut.

Vertical Diner in Salt Lake City, Utah
Mar 5 13

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i got so sick from eating here, not a little sick i actually threw up three times and i was stuck on a plane. Ironically enough the food was good but i started to feel sick immediately after i ate it, something was off in the food for sure because i felt sick only about half and hour after eating their food.Also very dirty it really put me off.