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Daybreak Cafe in Humboldt County, California
May 30 06

rating star

Amazing food at this place and pretty big portion sizes. The selection of vegan food was extensive and included tofu scramble and a tofu tahini salad dressing. I believe they try to use as many organic and local ingredients as possible. And by all means try their "Awesome Sauce," which is a spiced up version of ketchup.

North Coast Co-op in Humboldt County, California
May 30 06

rating star

This was one of the largest food co-ops that I have ever been to. They have a very extensive selection of vegan products, including vegan cookie dough and a lot of various products from the local Tofu Shop. Most of their produce and grocery are natural and organic, but they do have quite a bit of conventional food in the mix.

Wildflower Cafe & Bakery in Humboldt County, California
May 30 06

rating star

This was a smaller restaurant established in the mid 1970's, which is 100% vegetarian and features lots of vegan options. Although the portions seemed a bit small for the price, they were definitely filling! The vegan nachos and mac'n'cheeze were quite tasty and worth checking out.

Vöner (+ Wagenburger) in Berlin, Germany
Feb 9 08

rating star

This is a cool, small veg gyro shop. They even have a huge seitan kebab spinning around, which is what they carve the filling from. The vegan version of this sandwich is outstanding--and cheap!

Yellow Sunshine in Berlin, Germany
Feb 9 08

rating star

When I was there they were out of the vegan chicken patties, but instead I ordered the vegan "Fakin' Fish" sandwich. This was amazing and had a nice creamy tartar sauce. Delicious.

The Heartland Cafe in Chicago, Illinois
Nov 13 08

rating star

This place is pretty nice and pretty vegan-friendly. I got the black bean burger with sweet potato fries, which was filling and pretty tasty. The berry pie is good, but they came out cold--my friend partner ordered his warm, which was way better. And the service is a bit slow when it's busy.

Soul Vegetarian East in Chicago, Illinois
Nov 13 08

rating star

This place rules! I've been here before, but the most recent time I ate there on a Sunday morning, so they only had their brunch menu available. I was able to try a variety of dishes with the combo options they had: pancakes, sausage cakes, grits, hash browns, tofu scramble, and sprouts! My favorite parts were the small ones: lemon juice in the water, 100% pure maple syrup (and lots of it!), and complimentary organic fresh-squeezed apple juice (with refills). Nice atmosphere--definitely worth checking out if you're in Chicago!

Veggie Bite in Chicago, Illinois
Nov 13 08

rating star

Not sure why there aren't way more reviews and ratings for this excellent all-vegan "fast food" joint. I put fast food in quotes since that's the style of food available, but it wasn't particularly "fast." The food was fun and tasty--my friend and I ordered the Philly cheese steak, chili cheese fries, BBQ nuggets, and a cookie dough shake. My only critiques is that the cheese was decent, but could have been better, and I would have ordered the chik'n nuggets with a side of BBQ sauce, rather than the BBQ nuggets (which were essentially fried seitan cubes with BBQ sauce on the side).

They are also very supportive of animal rights activism, which is indicated by various signs and flyers in the restaurant.

Bali Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 12 09

rating star

Having recently opened, Bali is still full of potential. The decor and atmosphere is hip and classy, with smooth electronic background music and a variety of seating including a lounge area for larger groups. The menu only shows a couple of clearly marked vegan dishes, but our server pointed out that the fried rice can be made vegan, as well as a couple other dishes. I was able to sample the spicy fried rice with tofu, the green beans dish, and another tofu-peanut dish. These dishes were also accompanied with a generous serving of coconut-infused rice (delicious!). I think the tofu could have marinated with the food longer to absorb more flavors, but eaten with everything else it wasn't too bad. I was also able to sample a delicious, palate-cleansing dessert featuring mangosteen and lychee fruit with a spiced coconut milk and chili pepper. Overall the food was flavorful and filling, the presentation was nice, the prices were very fair, and the service was attentive.

Our server also mentioned that they are hoping to revamp their menu soon and create more explicitly vegan dishes, including some with tempeh (an Indonesian soy staple). I will surely be back to sample these!

Caffrey's Deli and Subs in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 1 05

rating star

Although when I went in the new vegan options were not yet on the menu, the employees were very helpful in letting me know what was what. The Vegetable Sandwich is vegetarian, but can now be made vegan by substituting the cheese for hummus, and the mayo for Veganaise. Also, the Three Pepper Chicken sub and the Grilled Chicken salad/wrap can be made vegan by asking for the mock chicken and Veganaise. The Three Pepper Chicken sub was out of this world, and one of my omnivorous friends said that he could hardly tell the difference.

Delights of India in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 4 09

rating star

Delights of India is a delight to have in the Uptown neighborhood. Overall a good restaurant with lots of things going for it--worth checking out.

Pros: Delicious vegan combination platter featuring curried vegetables, two types of coleslaw, a lentil dish, and an eggplant dish (highly recommended). The samosas are extremely flavorful too. They have an iced soy chai tea, which was also pretty refreshing.

Cons: A bit on the expensive side, not the fastest service, a surcharge for extra rice ($3!?), no vegan dessert options. Hopefully these are things that can be changed and improved upon.

Fuji-Ya in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Oct 21 05

rating star

Despite the very limited selection of vegan food, I was able to order the Agedashi Tofu with rice which was vegan if made without the bonito flakes. I had friends order the vegetable tempura which looked good, but had eggs in the batter. The server was very friendly and accommodating in helping find what vegan options were on the menu. But hey, what do you expect from a sushi place?

Galactic Pizza in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Feb 10 09

Word on the street is that Galactic Pizza is now carrying Teese vegan cheese (! This is a new soy cheese, which is apparently one of the best you can find in the US.

Himalayan Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 21 09

rating star

It was a pleasure to visit this restaurant for my first time recently, since before the Himalayan was there, the space was occupied by some hamburger joint (I think) and a steak house.

I was impressed by the quaint atmosphere, nice decor, light incense fragrance, and nice booths. The service was friendly and knowledgeable about their vegan offerings.

I enjoyed a nice appetizer (fried momo filled with veggies?), jackfruit curry, and a vegetable noodle dish. The curry was light, with a variety of spices used--the highlight was the jackfruit itself which was slightly chewy and uniquely stringy (in a good way). Overall I think it could have used more of the spices already present. The noodle dish featured ramen-like noodles and a variety of vegetables (which appeared to be fresh, rather than frozen ). The flavors were nice and more bold than the curry. And the serving size was huge!

This is a great choice for a restaurant if you find yourself in the Seward neighborhood!

As a side note: They have a lunch buffet that generally offers a 2-3 vegan dishes.

Jasmine 26 in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Feb 2 09

rating star

A very nice atmosphere to enjoy fine Vietnamese cuisine. I appreciate that most things on the menu can be made vegan--even their mock duck-stuffed crepe is egg-free and vegan! Their vegan appetizers are delicious--most notably the salt and pepper fried tofu. This savory and crispy tofu is unique and very flavorful. The spring rolls are pretty good, and the fried egg rolls (again without actual eggs) are okay. I look forward to dining here again and trying more of the entrees!

Jimmy John's Gourmet Subs in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 23 05

rating star

This place is horrible in terms of their food and business. They only have one vegetarian sub on the menu, and without the cheese and mayo, its basically some vegetables with bread and avacado. Jimmy John has been quoted saying very racist statements, and their labor practices are exploitive.

Kien Giang in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 3 06

rating star

Unfortunately when I went there this weekend the buffet was unavailable, and I believe it is only available during the week. Nevertheless, I ordered some of their entrees with friends and they were all quite delicious and filling, especially the lemon grass and mock duck dish. The owner was very nice and said that they will probably have the buffet open on weekends as demand picks up. He said he is also in the process of converting the restaurant to be entirely vegetarian.

Korea Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 23 09

rating star

Despite confusion on the "veganness" of some dishes, the noodle dish, dumplings, and tofu dish that I tried were pretty good and the portion sizes were pretty large. And the fact that one can find anything even vegetarian at a Korean restaurant gives it some extra points.

Avoid going here during their very busy weekday lunch hours, as you will feel rushed when ordering and may have to wait a while to find a seat. During slower times, it would probably be easier to identify what can be made vegan with the assistance of the cashier/server.

A couple improvements they could make--have veg options listed more clearly and use non-styrofoam cups for water.

Lotus Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 1 04

rating star

The Lotus really isn't that bad. They have delicious barbequed mock duck dishes and very tasty vegan hot and sour soup. The prices are decent, especially those at the UofM location.

Muddy Paws Cheesecake in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 24 04

rating star

The actual cafe is very nice and inviting...As for the cheesecake, it is decent but could be better if minor improvements were made. I had a slice of the "very berry" vegan cheesecake and it was pretty tasty but way too sweet. Although I could probably save money and make an equally delicious homemade cheesecake, this place is a great to take friends and family if you want to impress them with some good vegan cake in a nice atmosphere.

Mysore Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 8 07

rating star

When I went they only had the buffet available, but their entire menu should be available shortly. The buffet was nearly all vegan and had a lot of amazing choices. The food was exquisite and the service was good! Highly recommended!

The Red Sea Nightclub, Bar, and Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 20 05

rating star

This is a pretty nice place and the service is pretty friendly. I tried the vegetarian sample platter which was huge, and had various Ethiopian specialties served with Injera bread. I believe this dish is all vegan, although you can double check by asking the waiter. Additionally, its a very filling meal and can easily be split with someone else.

Seward Co-op in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 30 06

rating star

By popular demand, the Seward Coop is now carrying the Tofutti Pan Crust pizzas! They taste great and have wonderful melty vegan cheese on them. Also look out for the Madwoman frozen pizza which is locally made. One of the pizzas is vegan and has a soy cheese on it, but it is quite expensive for the portion size and very high in fat.

Sportsman's Pub and Grill in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 4 08

rating star

Updated Review:

Sporty's now has a $1.40 boca burger offer from 4-6pm throughout the week, and 4-10pm on Wednesdays.

When you get a chance, check this place out on Monday nights for a $3 cover, you can get $2 pitchers until midnight and an all-you-can-eat taco bar. The taco bar has great vegetarian refried beans, hard and soft-shell tacos, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, etc. Additionally the owners of the bar have some sense of humor, calling their 1/4 lbs Boca burger "The Liberal" and adding "Be kind to animals" at the end of the description. The "Big Veggie" grilled veggie sandwich, can be made without cheese, and under this sandwich's description, it says "Yes, you are morally superior." :-D

Taste of Thailand in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 5 04

rating star

Delicious food and large portions at good prices! When I was there I tried both the Pad Pak dish with mock duck(which is basically a big vegetable stir-fry) and the Pad Bai Kra Prao with tofu(which was stir-fried basil, onions, mushrooms, jalepeno peppers, and red and green bell peppers). The latter dish was the best, but both were good.

Thai Spice Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 17 06

rating star

Although the curry dishes that I shared with my friends were great and the crispy tofu was excellent, the portions here are a bit skimpy for the cost of the entree.

True Thai in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 2 04

rating star

Good atmosphere, nice decorations, and decent food. I tried the Red Curry and the Spinich Peanut Curry dishes. Both were tasty, but unfotunately I wanted to order a wok dish. All the wok stir fries unfortunately have fish sauce in them--vegetarians beware.

The Wienery in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Aug 22 05

rating star

I had one of their vegan dogs with sauerkraut, ketchup, and mustard. It was pretty good, but it was basically a deep fried "Smart Dog" with the works. As far as the restaurant goes, it was a bit dirty and greasy overall.

Addicted Cafe in Salt Lake City, Utah
May 30 06

rating star

The food here was good but way over priced. I ordered the Chik'n Patty, which was pretty much a Health Is Wealth chicken patty, a slice of vegan cheese, and tomatoes and lettuce, all for $6. My friends got the pizza, grilled cheeze and "ham," and some cookies, which were all delicious.

Riverwest Co-op & Cafe in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Jul 6 07

rating star

This is a great establishment. On one side a great cafe, that boasts a wide selection of vegan breakfast and lunch eats. The vegan "Philly Cheese Steak" was great (with homemade seitan)! The co-op itself also has a nice variety of vegan foods, despite the small store. They also seem to be animal rights friendly, as I saw literature available and some info from Farm Sanctuary hanging up.

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