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I'm vegan
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The Pita Pit in Bismarck, North Dakota
Jan 25 13

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I ordered the black bean patty (which is delicious!) and the young woman working the grill immediately threw them onto an uncleaned grill before I could even ask that she not. However, the woman who was taking my order heard me start to ask and immediately had the grill cook throw away the patties, clean the grill and then add new patties. The woman taking my order was understanding and apologetic about the whole thing, which I really appreciated.

I think the variety of veggies and the fillings you can get make this place pretty exciting, but I agree that since it's just veggies in a pita, it's not amazing. It's still really nice to have such an easy option, though.

Ruby Tuesday in Bismarck, North Dakota
Jan 25 13

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I had the spaghetti squash, which comes in a red sauce that I did not care for. However, I don't think there was anything wrong with it so much as that it just wasn't what I normally enjoy in a red sauce.

My wife had the guacamole appetizer with endless tortilla chips. This is a massive serving of guacamole and it was quite good.

We both had the salad bar which was well stocked. They had spring mix (not easily found in Bismarck restaurants), spinach, broccoli, carrots, zucchini and even soy beans.

Two people could eat comfortably if they both got the salad bar and shared the guacamole, which I think is what we'll do when we go there in the future.

Tacos Del Mar in Bismarck, North Dakota
Jan 10 13

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They're always friendly and one of the owners happily double-checked to make sure the enchilada sauce was vegan. I agree with another review that they could put more guacamole on their Mondos considering that we're not eating their meat, cheese or sour cream.