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Each One Teach One: Organics is a small group of people who have devoted their lives to naturalism, and the teachings of ancient indigenous people. Our goal is to instill knowledge on natural life that will in return embed passion for the highest quality of life. We grow our plants through a process known as true living organics which is the process of creating an abundance of microbial life in the soil by enriching it with the worlds greatest organic elements all 100 % natural. What this does is increases nutrient uptake in plants, so that we can insure optimal nutritional value. Our current understanding of plant growth is to feed the plant, so the plant can then produce fruit. However, in earths natural processes the microbial life feeds the soil and the soil feeds the plants. This is the underlying law of naturalism to live love learn and worship all within our natural kingdom while not disturbing but promoting its natural processes. It is a scientific fact that many if not all of our current methods of plant growth promote inferior products with lower nutritional value. So if the plants that sustain human life are inferior to those that grew here 200 to 500 years ago then the products therefore´╗┐ have to be inferior as well. This is the very explanation as to why our health has declined so far so suddenly. Cancers diseases, mental disorders etc, these are all causes of the poor nutritional value that our everyday diet holds. Ill stop there but i think you get the picture. In our eyes it is time to put a stop to the decline in physical health and mental wellness so that we can all get back to what was important before industry arose and that is living life... natural, fluid and organic life. Come speak with us we do all health consultation for free we do most small labor for free and what we do not have or know we will find for you. Independence and self sufficiency is our goal , giving you that ability is our purpose.´╗┐

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