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Restaurante Veggie House in San Jose, Costa Rica
Jan 1 13

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If you are trying to travel vegan in Costa Rica, you won't find many restaurants that feature that word on their menu. My son and I wanted to check out Veggie House because we were staying at Hostel Bekuo near San Pedro mall in San Jose, and we saw the name on a map. The restaurant is only a couple of blocks from the hostel, right next to the main entrance of the mall.
We were feeling hungry, so we went there right after we arrived at the hostel, and it proved to be our favorite place to eat in all of Costa Rica. Every menu item is a visual treat and worth a gourmet rating. We felt very special each time we went there, breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you are in San Jose, you really need to try this place out. The staff is so friendly and the food is just the right blend of heartiness and nutrition and presented so attractively. Prices are very affordable, scaled to attract anyone who wants great vegan food, whether local or international travelers. The restaurant looks a bit small on first impression, but some of the seating is hidden from view. If we lived near there, we would be definitely be regulars. Be sure to ask what the featured menu items are for the day, and save some room for some decadent looking dessert. They do great take out too, if you want to pack a lunch for the sightseeing.

Food Fight! in Portland, Oregon
Aug 8 13

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OK, I'm lucky to be close enough to drop by regularly, but I love these people. Food Fight is an attitude, note the exclamation point. This store is about providing vegan alternatives so you can stop buying animal derived products. They are trying to show the public how easy it is to do that by putting everything in one place. Sometimes the prices are slightly higher than the big stores, but it's because they don't get the big volume price breaks. I honor that and try to buy those items from them whenever I can, because they don't represent a sellout compromise to carry stuff that vegans consider unethical just to make money.

Their current store is a real effort at trying to be the best they can be, with fresh fruit and veggies and quite an array of staples and munchies. It's easy to be an informed shopper there and choose healthy options, but it's also possible to load up on snacks when that's what you want. Yes, I want a vegan twinkie as a self reward once in a while.

Whatever you buy at Food Fight! is a vote for a better future for animals and the planet. I'm never sorry to shop there and support the food sources and employees making a living off goods and services that I can really believe in, because I know the owners and I know that their motivation is to help change the world.

Go there or go to their website and give them a try.