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I'm vegetarian
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I'm vegetarian,
i try to go total vegan..but im only 16 and it said that it could be too dangerous for me.
anyway the local situation im in not really allowing me too - since im in boarding school.
i really try to be as healthy as possible. i met people against me being vegetarian, saying things like "oh no you can't live without meet, you need this, it's a must ingredient for your body" i don't think that.
i just happen to know how the meat was killed before it goes to the market, all the bad energy that people throw out at the animal they kill - goes to the physical and spiritual quality of the meet, and i don't trust meat production anymore.
same about milk don't always know how the milk was taken, probably it was from torturing and hurting the cow.
all that going through my head every time i see meat, milk, eggs or other animal source "food", make me sick.
~thank you for reading my point of view on this theme,this is really important for me.
i hope you support and understand my opinion~

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