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Vegetarian Underground Restaurant in Orange County, California
Dec 9 12

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Have eaten here twice and am delighted. The atmosphere is lovely, warm and friendly. Much of the produce comes from the Itano's own garden so it's really fresh. The 5 course Thanksgiving dinner was beautifully prepared, delicious, and truly satisfying. Last Saturday I sat down to a sumptuous and scrumtious Middle Eastern dinner. The lentil soup was so savory and delicious I could have had a complete meal with just the soup and salad. The fried potatoes are addictive. A tender slice of potato with a tender crispy tempura. The hummas, falafel, tabouli all delicious. The babaganoush was the best I have eaten...smooth and creamy. Loved the shish kabob with pineapple and how refreshing to have quinoa instead of rice. Now for the dessert. I didn't think I could eat another bite until I tasted Lloyd's baklava. It was this wonderful concoction of tender phyllo with nuts and something deliciously sweet and warm with spices. Add a slice of moist chocolate cake to round out the meal and complete with coffee and teas. Wow.