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Quintessence in Manhattan, New York City
Dec 7 12

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This place deserves a terrible rating due to the lack of hospitality, and service experienced! A friend of mine and I were in the area this past Saturday evening and decided to stop in to grab a bite to eat. This place was tiny but cozy. As soon as we walked in, we were seated immediately. There was one female waitress waiting on two tables and a cashier at the desk. The waitress approached our table once we sat, placed down 2 menus and 2 glasses of water in front of us, then walked away without greeting us (first sign of incorrect steps of service). My friend and I sat there looking through the menu trying to figure out what we were going to order. 15 min past and we still weren't greeted and our drink orders still weren't taken. We patiently waited, watching our waitress pass us numerous times to attend to the other two tables. After watching our waitress as well as the cashier avoid eye contact and avoid taking our orders while proceeding to serve two tables, we became frustrated but still sat patiently. We were deliberately being ignored! My friend and I have worked in a restaurant, so we are both familiar with the steps of service and this "service" was clearly in their training "manual". This place wasn't busy at all! It was so obvious that they were ignoring us. After 15 min of not being greeted, attended to and clearly ignored, we decided to leave. While we were putting on our coats, the waitress then decided to approach our table asking us if we were ready to place our orders!...?? We ended up walking out without eating! I have never experienced this type of service anywhere! We're approaching 2013! These workers were clearly trained by the Owners and/or Manager to attend to our race (African American) in this manner! We were furious and extremely disappointed by the lack of hospitality, poor service, and the racial tension that we experienced, as we were looking forward to enjoying a great dinner. Our first and last visit to Quintessence!