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The White Horse in Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Jul 1 13

rating star

Vegans can eat from the dinner menu (4-10 pm) but are otherwise hard-pressed to find something kosher. Vegetarian fare is more abundant.

I had the Earth Burger and it was fantastic. A combination of beets, chickpeas, edamame and black beans, it held together nicely and was served with a light and refreshing aioli (also vegan). A side of hearty waffle fries accompanied this.

There is a decent selection of craft beer on tap, including several from Surly. I can't wait to get back to this place!

Fireflour Pizza in Bismarck, North Dakota
Apr 3 13

rating star

I really enjoy the saucy pizza from Fireflour, which is vegan as is. The toppings are very minimal, but the flavor is HUGE! Other offerings a vegan can enjoy here are the olives appetizer and the little star salad minus the cheese. It's all delicious. The service is great, whether you dine in or have them deliver a couple doors down to the pub.

Paradiso Mexican Restaurant in Bismarck, North Dakota
Apr 3 13

rating star

I tried the mock chicken fajitas with the a side of red sauce instead of the cheese, sour cream and gaucamole (as it contains dairy). It was very good. Most of the "meat" was overcooked and dry, but i still found it to be tasty when assembled with the other ingredients. The fajita platter comes with a very nice array of vegetables and amounts to two large servings. The only downside of my experience was finding a chunk of real chicken in the Spanish rice. Though it was there by accident, i may opt for a side of refried beans in the future.

The Walrus in Bismarck, North Dakota
Nov 28 12

rating star

I love The Walrus. The atmosphere is great and the staff, helpful. This place is home to the best selection of beers in town and features weekly live music on tuesdays. To dine in is tricky for the more strict vegetarian, however. There is nothing on the menu you can order as-is that will be vegan-kosher. I hope to offer some suggestions that will make the dining experience as easy as possible.

As far as i know, the bread is vegan. Instead of the garlic butter, you may request olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. The pesto is pre-made with cheese in it. They use this on a lot of their dishes. The Tuscany salad is good. Ask for it without pesto and it will be vegan. You may specify which kind of dressing you'd like. I prefer the tahini. The Grilled Portabella can be veganized by omitting the pesto aioli and substituting flatbread for the bun. The Green Thumb will be vegan by omitting the pesto aioli and feta. This wrap tends to arrive with the veggies dripping obscene amounts of oil, so you might want to ask your server to have them drained well. The pita bread has whey in it, should you order a hummus platter. Side salads will be vegan with no croutons. If you don't mind your fries going into a communal oil, then this is another option. The sweet potato fries get my vote. In recent visits, i have requested a vegan wrap with a couple of specifications i'd like. It's different every time, but good.

Leela Thai Cuisine in Fargo, North Dakota
Aug 12 13

rating star

Leela Thai is my #1 stop for food in Fargo. Vegans and vegetarians have numerous options which are easily distinguished in the menu. Tofu, mock duck and mock chicken are available. I've enjoyed every dish i've tried and the fresh spring rolls are hard to pass up. The service and atmosphere are superb.

Shing Ya in Grand Forks, North Dakota
Jan 2 13

rating star

I visited this restaurant having no idea what to expect. To my delight, the hostess/server was vegan. She was very knowledgeable about the food and what could be made vegan, so was most helpful in laying out the options. I tried the inari, which was extremely delicious. I ordered the fried vegetable udon noodles. That dish was very satisfying and possessed great subtle flavor. I requested tofu, which the cook lightly fried. It was a great addition. Note: ordered as-is, these items will contain fish.

The entrees are generous and low-priced. The service is fantastic.