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Cafe Evolution in Northhampton, Massachusetts
Nov 24 12

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I'm from out of town and my boyfriend's family lives here, and we were looking for a good spot for vegan brunch in northampton. This place sounded great, and one of the only places to get vegan brunch in the city, so we gave it a try. The sign on the door said closed, though they were in fact open. there was a long line at the register, and no overhead menu, so you had to wait a long time to even get to see a menu, and also to see a small "cash only" sign, after seeing which, we had to leave to get cash and then come back and wait again. We came at 11am for sunday brunch, and we each ordered the brunch special, which was tofu scramble, potatoes, pancakes, and tempeh sausage. They'd only been open for about an hour, and they said "we're out of tofu scramble." This blew my mind, because it's kind of the main ingredient for brunch for vegans and I would have thought they could at least say, "it'll be a few minutes on the scramble." We ordered and waited over 30 minutes for the food, and they have kind of a weird set-up, where the cook just puts some plates down on the counter on the other side of the restaurant and you kind of have to guess if it's yours. We finally got all our plates, and had no maple syrup for our pancakes or tempeh sausage, and so my boyfriend's mom went up to ask for syrup, and the girl working behind the counter told her to "grab it off someone else's table." I think maybe they should have enough bottles of syrup for each table during the hours of Sunday brunch, because pretty much everyone is going to want it, and I'm certainly not going to go to another guest's table and take their syrup from them. The food was pretty good, although I didn't get to try the scramble, but what I did have was tasty enough to go back a second time, but I was just so appalled at the service and set-up and the way the cook and "server" handled their guests requests. It's sad really, that the only place to get good vegan brunch in Northampton seems so uninterested in pleasing their customers and making them feel too unwelcome to return.