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Red Velvet Cafe in Las Vegas, Nevada
Nov 7 12

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Food was AMAZING!! Desserts - well let's just say I'm SPEECHLESSSS!!! Fantastic, Amazing, Delicious, over the top !!!! And under 200 Cals?? I didn't believe her - had to ask over and over again, ARE YOU SURE??? You're not lying are you?? Crazy good and low cal!! Spent $65.00 (WHEW) getting some desserts to bring back to California!! I want RECIPES - I'll pay big bucks for the Coconut Key Lime Cake!!! And that peanut butter Frosting .... share please LOL!!!! Service was lacking, I hope they begin to understand the importance of customer because WOW - I was unimpressed with their lack of concern over my Panini sandwich being hard as a brick after about 20 mins and I could only eat half of it ... two people's response was Ohhhhhh (look of confusion and boredom) and continued to charge me full price for a sandwich that was un-edible!! :(( Granted I ate the first half ... but really didn't want to pay for dental work to eat the brick it turned into for the 2nd half of the panini ... too bad. If I lived there it would have been a fight ... but I was traveling and didn't have the time for that and knew I wouldn't be back for a while. Hopefully my next visit - they will have seen the light. So ... if you stop by there - you might say up front - I heard your customer service Sucks ... but I want to try your AMAZING 200 and under Calorie desserts!!