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Leafy Greens Cafe in Tampa Bay, Florida
Oct 19 12

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My husband and I stumbled upon this place last weekend. We split the Zucchini Spaghetti with Alfredo sauce (made from cashews!). The tacos were served on a romaine leaf with substantial filling and, once again, the "meat" was cashews! Both dishes were so tasty. The staff was friendly and even told us how they made the crisp pizza crust with a dehydrator. We split the chocolate dessert which was made of cacao powder and avocados! The dessert was a real treat. Try it, you'll go back. The food is light, fresh, and surprisingly filling. The restaurant is small, quaint, and easily accessible. Though the cost is $9 - $14, you're paying for the individually prepared (vs. commercially produced) deliciously fresh ingredients.