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Nuage Cafe in Coral Springs, Florida
Oct 17 12

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I read the comment below and felt the need to speak out.
Been eating Thierry's delicious foods for over 8 months, went to many of his events (raw food classes, yoga class at 7:30am, lectures, drum circles, movie night, ...) and let me tell you, he is the only human being in this planet to work so hard and make so less! I mean the man works 7 days a week for the last year, never took a day off, gone shop for foods by bicycle (he sold his car and van to open the business). I caught him pushing a BJ's cart from Wallmart with 40 gallons on water in it!!!
Thierry must earn the highest respect and MUST BE HELPED with LOVE and COMPASSION!
He only does what he does for YOU! He is not about the money, he is all about the LOVE!

It troubles me to see people criticizing him. I had to say something.
Give him a chance, be kind to him.
If he stressed, chances are that the people just approached him with the wrong attitude.

Love and Lights to all.
I wish Nuage Cafe the best of success and to you, the best of health!