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Six Main in Old Saybrook, Connecticut
Oct 8 12

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We stopped in for the sweet potato prix fixe, but the rest of the menu looked so good we got more as well. Sweet potato curls topped farm greens with mango dressing. Unexpected combo, but taste and texture balanced well. And the curls were light and not at all greasy or limp. Entree: Sweet potato curry over french lentils -- never would have put those together myself, but it worked so well! And sweet potato and apple galette type tart with vegan/raw gelato, some warm spice flavored it, reminded me of indian food. All that plus a glass of wine for $25!

The nachos and shiitake mushroom spring roll wrapped in thinly sliced cucumber were excellent. So fresh and flavorful! Then we got kale salad, pesto linguine (raw! so delicious) and ravioli, also light and raw, but perfectly seasoned herbed cashew cheese inside paper thin rounds of jicama topped with tomato and some green flavored oil. . Lovely and tasty. They had more cooked food that sounded interesting, but it's hard to get raw food out. Will definitely be back to try more!

The ex-bank building is beautiful and elegant. It's not huge, so call for reservations if you can, but they did have room for walkins the night we went. And I don't usually mention bathrooms in a review but these are worth a gander -- gorgeous space and cloth hand towels! And best thing for Chester area -- a parking lot in the rear! We didn't know, so parked up the street, but handy for next time!

They have a decent bar, with wine, beer, cocktails and basil lemonade (soo tasty, again, wouldn't have thought this would work but oh does it!) and iced chai tea. We only got the glass of wine that came with the meal, a lemonade and a tangerine non-alcoholic cocktail which was pretty good. We're not really drinkers, so I don't have much to say about the wine or beer selections, tho I read that most are organic or sustainable.

Oh, longwinded now, but must mention desserts. Besides the prix fix dessert, we ordered a chocolate ganache (like a choc-mousse pie but darker and richer) and blueberry cheesecake. Both were sweet and rich, creamy and decadent but didn't leave me feeling gross.

It is rare that we can go out and find the same quality of food we serve in our own kitchen -- mostly organic, local where possible and lots of fresh food. From a kitchen where I can be sure no chicken stock was used, etc. Priceless.