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I'm vegan
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The Heartland Cafe in Chicago, Illinois
Dec 29 12

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Went on two different evenings, one when the place was almost empty, and the next night when it was crowded. Both nights I was seated quickly and had a very attentive wait-staff. I got the vegan stir fry both times, once with seitan and once with tofu. The tofu was recommended by my very knowledgeable waitress but I have to say that I thought the seitan had more body and was tastier.

The vegan selections were pretty limited on the menu unfortunately but what vegan items they did have looked satisfying. The only vegan dessert was a chocolate macaroon cookie. I reluctantly ordered it thinking I'd get a couple of lonely looking cookies on a plate and instead got a double layer cookie about the size of an eggo waffle! It was light and delicious.

I will recommend Heartland Cafe to my veggie friends or the veggie curious.

Blind Faith Cafe in Evanston, Illinois
Dec 29 12

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On a recommendation of a friend I went to Blind Faith Cafe for lunch on a snowy Saturday. The staff was friendly and I was seated right away. The menu is vegetarian and extensive but as a vegan I thought it was a little limited in the non-dairy, non-egg category. I chose the Vegan Mexican breakfast with grilled tofu and vegetables, black beans and rice. I was very impressed with the flavor and the portion was large. The seasoning was great and the salsa they provided wonderful too. Because I wanted the full experience I got the vegan double chocolate cake for dessert, with raspberry sorbet. The cake slice looked small but it was so rich that the portion was plenty.

There is also a veggie burger and a few other items that are vegan. What I liked about the Vegan Mexican breakfast was that it was what it was - it's own dish, as opposed to a veggie burger which is an imitation of a meat burger.

I will recommend Blind Faith Cafe to any vegetarian without reservation; I will hope that they expand their vegan menu items in the future.