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Karyn's Cooked in Chicago, Illinois
May 1 05

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I read the reviews about this restaurant and it really made me want to try it out.
We ordered chilli and lasagna. The chiili was nothing like I've ever tasted before... absolutely awesome!
The lasagna was a little less awesome but still very good.
I'm spoiled by the Vegan restaurants in NYC so my standards are really high. Though Karyn's wasn't like any of the NYC places, it still was pretty damn good.
What I was most impressed with was Tara who took our orders. She was very friendly and when it was time for dessert we each got a tiny free scoop of ice cream :)
Their dessert display is so attractive and it was difficult to choose one particular thing. I had almost decided on German chocolate Cake which looked the yummiest but Tara convinced me to try Peach Cobbler. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!!!
Oh and we also met Karyn.

The location, the people, the desserts.... it's definitely worth going to.

Only thing that prevented me from giving me 10 stars is that I found it a little too pricey for the small portions.
Quantity wise it's not that great but the quality of the food makes up for it.