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Pig Minds Brewery in Rockford, Illinois
Apr 29 13

rating star

My appetizer, a giant Soft Pretzel with Horseradish Mustard, was delicious. It's like they knew that Soft Pretzel's are my favorite snack. The pretzel was very soft, not too salty and the mustard was spicy, but nothing I couldn't handle.

My entree was the "Reuben Kincaid". Marble Rye bread with tasty Seitan and Sour Kraut. The Vegan Cheese was applied perfectly where it seemed to compliment the flavor without ruining the sandwich. On the side I had some sort of cold Chickpea based salad that was pretty good.

On my second visit, I tried the "Nuttin But Sweat Heat" appetizer, which according to the menu is: Deep fried beer battered jalapeno boats filled with strawberry basil jelly and natural peanut butter. A very strange fusion, but it was surprisingly good!

I also tried the "Italian Stallion", which is a Spicy Seitan based "Philly Steak" sandwich. WOW! I'm pretty sure this has to be my new favorite Seitan Sandwich! It wasn't too greasy, and had a generous helping of peppers, onions and delicious seitan. On the side I tried the Chili... a little too spicy for me, but I powered through it.

With regards to the beer, I'm a fan! I plan to stop at Pig Minds any time I'm heading through Rockford.

Arlo's in Austin, Texas
Apr 24 13

rating star

Be sure to check Arlo's Web Site for their current address. At the moment, the truck is located at 1104 East 6th. St.

This review is hard for me to write, but only because I loved the Bac’n Cheeze Burger so much that I had to have 2. If I did have a complaint about it, the Bac'n was a bit hard, but that didn't matter as the flavor was so spot on I simply ignored it.

My Wife had the Chik’n Tacos. She wouldn't let me have a bite, so I know she loved them. Her only complaint was that she needed an extra tortilla to hold all of the toppings... I don't consider that a problem at all!

I also grabbed a Chipotle Chik’n Burger to munch on later on. I lasted about 40 minutes in the car before I couldn't resist scarfing down that Seitan burger. I'm happy I did! It had heat, but nothing I couldn't handle. The Seitan reminded me enough of chicken, but didn't go overboard.

All in all, this place reminded me of the numerous times I spent my last few dollars on a burger at the county fair. It was Awesome!

Conan's in Austin, Texas
Apr 22 13

rating star

My rating was going to be Great, but I bumped it up to Excellent due to the excellent service from the Staff. The pizza sauce and dough is Vegan, but the soy cheese is not. They do, however, carry Daiya Vegan Cheese.

We ordered a small order of "cheese" sticks and a Veggie pizza, both with Daiya cheese. Within minutes of ordering, an employee apologized as they discovered that their garlic sauce for the cheese sticks is not vegan. We opted for just Daiya cheese on the bread, with pizza sauce to dip, and it was great.

The Veggie deep dish pizza was exactly what I was craving. The dough was thick, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The veggies were standard pizza veggies, but they worked perfectly.

All in all, I liked everything about this place!

Kerbey Lane Cafe in Austin, Texas
Apr 23 13

rating star

Had the Vegan Breakfast Platter which consisted of Pancakes, Tofu Scramble and Soy "Sausage". The Tofu Scramble was a bit on the bland side, but nothing a little salt and hot sauce couldn't fix. The Pancakes were light and fluffy, and the sausage was pretty good too.

My Wife tried the Vegan Tacos with corn tortillas, beans and rice. "This is WAY better than that one restaurant we were at." she said. No idea what she was talking about, but that didn't matter... the food was Great!

Mother's Cafe and Garden in Austin, Texas
Apr 25 13

rating star

Based upon the food that my Wife and I enjoyed, the food here is Spot On!

I had the Szechuan Stir Fry with Linguine and Black Beans with Bavarian Chocolate Cake for dessert. Amazing! The veggies were crisp and not wilted. The sauce was not overly spicy and the linguine was perfectly cooked. The cake was simply delicious.

My Wife had a Tomato Bisque followed by a Quesadilla with Guacamole. Regarding the soup, I am now tasked with copying the soup so I can make it at home. The Quesadilla was pretty good. Luckily they have switched to Daiya Vegan Cheese, but she did feel that they may have put a bit too much on.

Overall, my Wife and I feel quite firmly that Mother's is our favorite Vegan Restaurant in Austin, TX. The feeling must be unanimous, as they were fully packed at 8PM on a Thursday.

Sweet Ritual in Austin, Texas
Apr 23 13

rating star

I have to say, I was not nearly as enthusiastic as my Wife was to try this place, but the Soft Serve was just amazing. We had a Sunday sampler with Peanut Butter, Smores, Chocolate, Cookie Dough and something with toasted coconut and nuts.

I loved every bite.

It's been my experience that Vegan dairy products are never quite as good as their counterpart, but in this case, it was spot on! Just delicious!

Spiral Diner & Bakery in Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas
Apr 29 13

rating star

5 Words: Giant Vegan Peanut Butter Cups!!!

My only regret was telling my wife to buy just 1 of them.

With regards to the food, it was excellent! I had "The Truckstop", which is basically a huge burrito stuffed with Tofu, Potatos, Peppers and Onions, smothers with Gravy and Hash Browns on the side. It was yummy deliciousness that kept me stuffed for at least a few hours.

My Wife had the Veggie Burger, and was nice enough to share a bite. Very good! If you're Vegan or Vegetarian and heading through Dallas, you'd be crazy not to stop here!

Mad Dogs San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas
Apr 25 13

rating star

On the Riverwalk, this is pretty much your only choice when it comes to Vegan or Vegetarian food. While they only list Vegetarian entrees on the menu, the Chef was able to make a few of them Vegan.

My Wife had a BLT with Shoestring Fries and a giant pickle. All they had to do to her sandwich was remove the Mayo and skip the butter. Everything fried was done in a separate frier.

I was going to get the same thing when the Waitress ran over and told me the Chef also had a Vegan Sausage (they called 'Bangers') that they could do with Sweet Potato Fries and a side of Sweet Peas. Yes, a bit strange, but it did the trick.

All things considered, while the staff went above and beyond to accommodate our Vegan diet, the food was still just average to good. With a little effort, a few of the Vegetarian items could easily be updated to support a wider array of dietary restrictions.

Babe's Ice Cream in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Jul 5 14

rating star

We've been to Babe's a few times and just love their selection of Vegan treats. Ice Cream Cones, Shakes, Cookies and Cakes... they have it all. Even better, you can add a number of items to your dessert like pieces of brownies, oreos, peanut butter, cookies and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Staff is friendly, but it does get busy on a hot day so get there early!

Cafe Manna in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Nov 18 12

rating star

My first visit to Cafe Manna was OK. The restaurant itself feels a bit stuffy and made me feel uncomfortable. Luckily it was the summer time so my Wife and I ate outdoors on their patio instead... Much better!

The Raw Vegan Tacos and Nacho's are pretty darn good. I have to say that I occasionally find myself craving 'em every now and then. I've also had their Lentil Burger and Tu-No Melt, which were both simply amazing! I'd love to figure out how to recreate the Tu-No Melt at home.

About the only things on the menu I didn't like were the Falafels and their home made juices. A little bland for my tastes.

Overall I'm very satisfied with Cafe Manna and I look forward to having lunch there again. You can't go wrong with Cafe Manna.

Comet Cafe in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Nov 18 12

rating star

Our first experience with the Comet Cafe was the long line out the front door on a Sunday morning. This place is SUPER popular. My Wife and I prefer less people at restaurants, so we waited a few hours and came back, around 3pm or so.

We were seated immediately and ordered a Half Order of Deep Fried Vegan Riblets. Amazing! I had to double check with the waiter to make sure they gave us the Vegan version of the ribs, which they did.

My Wife had and loved the Vegan Ruben without Cheese. I had the Vegan Salisbury Steak, and while I felt it could use more of that wonderful Mushroom gravy, I was still quite satisfied. Plus, the Mashed Potatoes were just the way I like them, mashed but NOT pureed.

We've been back to the Comet a few more times since our initial visit, always during the slow time of the day, and we're convinced that we've found our new favorite restaurant.

Palomino in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Jun 19 13

rating star

OLD REVIEW: I've been to Palomino's 3 times now and it has become my "bar food" vegan place. I'm not saying the food is bad in any way, in fact, quite the opposite. This is the kind of place where I come to drink some Spotted Cow and scarf down a Seitan Steak with Tater Tots, or maybe some Vegan Buffalo Wings and a large stack of Onion Rings.

NEW REVIEW: Palomino's recently finished remodeling and retooling the menu, and sadly, I am no longer in love with this place.

Nearly half of the Vegan items, including most of my favorites, have been removed from the menu. Additionally, Appetizers and Entrees are now Ala-carte, which means the sides cost extra. Everything is now made in-house, which explains the higher prices, but I still felt like I was paying too much.

We ordered some Vegan Wings to start. They're basically the "Toffalo “Wings" they served before, minus the fries. Price was about the same.

I had the Bean Burger with Tater tots. Overall it was bland, so I ended up adding lots of condiments to enhance the taste. Tots were OK.

My Wife had the Vegan Pork Sandwich, but received the non-Vegan version. This was not realized until the first bite. The staff was kind enough to replace the sandwich with the Vegan version and drop the item from our bill, but for my Wife, the damage was done.

Palomino's was, by far, our favorite Vegan restaurant in Milwaukee... this is no longer the case. I plan to give them another shot in a few months, but I'm not holding my breath.

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