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Blue Sky Cafe in Denver, Colorado
Apr 24 12

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I decided to go to breakfast at Blue Sky Cafe on my way to a morning meeting to try out their vegan menu. The atmosphere nice and comfortable, and just right if you want to have breakfast or lunch with friends. I cannot recall the name of the item I ordered, but it was a spicy tofu breakfast dish with vegetables and potatoes on the side. The potatoes could have benefitted from longer cooking time, but were fine. The tofu was mixed into the spicy vegetable mix, but it was not prepared as you commonly see in vegan scrambled egg recipes, but in great white cubes that looked uninteresting. I shoved them to the side and ate the veggies, but that made them extra spicy. I think they would benefit by learning to prepare tofu similar to scrambled eggs with a bit of turmeric so they look more appetizing. I also ordered a soy chai, which was delicious. The staff were wonderful, and even gave me a to go cup for the chai when I realized I was running a bit late for my meeting. I would like to try this place again with a friend, and hope they practice a few updated vegan recipes between now and then as I am not a fan of the big white rubbery cubes.